10 Ways to Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day

Enlist the whole family's help in spreading the love this Valentine's Day!

Enlist the whole family’s help in spreading the love this Valentine’s Day!

Spread Some Valentine’s Day Love

While those of you with a loved one on deployment may have themed out a Valentine’s Day box for shipment weeks ago, the time for celebrating the holiday with service members in town is rapidly approaching!

Why not take it one step further this year and make Valentine’s Day fun and special for all the guys and gals your service member works with? If this is a very large number, you’ll have to decide what’s reasonable or get some friends involved (and check with command leadership), but with a little organization and a few ideas, it can be a fun way to involve the whole family and make sure the singles feel special too.

Enjoy SargesList’s top ten finds from around the web and follow the links to instructions.

 10 Ways to Spread the Love Around

  1. ¬†Enlist the kids in baking and decorating Valentine’s Day cookies and drop them off.
  2. These easy-peasy brown sugar blondies are also a great project for the kids.
  3. Coffee with some heart-shaped cinnamon rolls are also a sure thing.
  4. Decorate a doorway or two with a “Curtain of Hearts.”
  5. Facing cold weather in your region? How about a snowflake heart!
  6. Too much red and pink? Try a cammo heart.
  7. Navy in the family? Try the Traditional Sailor’s Valentine.
  8. Make simple heart wreaths for door knobs.
  9. Felt or paper heart garlands are great for desks.
  10. Last but not least: Set up props for a Valentine’s Day photo booth (with permission!) It’s a great mood-lightener and makes for some funny shots captured via smart phone throughout the day. Download the templates.


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