Armed veterans searching America’s most dangerous neighborhoods for Pokemon

(This is completely satirical post written only for entertainment) Veterans seeking a new thrill have donned their old armor and taken to the nation’s most dangerous neighborhoods in search of the ultimate prey- Pokemon. Scouring the seediest sectors of major metropolitan areas that suburban children and adults avoid at all costs, former servicemembers have  taken […]

Veterans put their own names on kill list and send to ISIS

With ISIS terrorists targeting thousands of Americans every day and earmarking them for attack, many of us seasoned veterans of the Global War on Terror are feeling a little, well.. Left out. Like the fat kid nobody wants to pick for volleyball or the girl too tall to be asked out at junior high prom, […]

The Thrift Savings Plan: Are You Contributing Yet?

by: Kisha A. Taylor, Writer/Editor The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board If not, what are you waiting for? You are eligible to contribute to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) as soon as you begin your military service. Saving for your retirement with the TSP makes sense no matter how many years you plan to serve […]

Military Spouse: What to Do When It’s Time to Get Back to Work

Knowing when to get back to work is a tricky decision in and of itself for any military spouse. So taking those initial steps into a job search can feel like a momentous task. However, understanding the transition back into the workforce can help with embracing the new journey you are about to embark upon. […]

How to Save on Your Next Move: A Military Perspective

My name is Jesse Vasquez and my time spent as an officer with the United States Army was littered with cross-country moves. The moves I made in my career, as with most military PCS moves (Permanent Change of Station), were eventful, exciting, stressful and painful. ¬†Anyone in the military can recall how frustrating it is […]

Navigating the Sitter

Our good friends at Sittercity realize that navigating the sitter/parent relationship can be tricky for both sides.¬† Below are a few common topics and what you can do to smooth things over. 1. Please come home (and leave) on time If you tell your sitter you‚Äôll be home around 10, do your best to be […]

Vets Hiring Vets!

C.R. England is a family owned and operated company that opened their doors in 1920. Gene and Bill England are both World War II veterans and have a special place in their hearts for veterans. ¬†May 2012 they kicked off a veterans hiring initiative with the ‚ÄúService to Semis‚Äù program. The company hired a retired […]

The Birth of Daddy’s Deployed!

By: Bridget Platt I read somewhere that most people have their ‚Äúbig‚Äù ideas while they‚Äôre doing something else: working, washing dishes, etc. Mine came to me while I was driving. But let‚Äôs start at the beginning. ¬†We live 17 hours away from our families and the birth of my daughter was the first grandchild on […]