Seven must know concepts for carrying a firearm for protection

This article is brought to you by Ballistol -“the world’s most useful and environmentally friendly lubricant since 1904.” In the face of an ever-uncertain and changing world, many Americans have chosen to step up their personal protection game by lawfully carrying a concealed firearm. In fact, a study by the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that […]

Review: Breaking in a new AR pistol with Ballistol

When it comes to building firearms, there is little more satisfying than firing the first shot. After the first shot, however, comes the arduous and occasionally hit-and-miss period of ensuring that the firearm will perform reliably with a variety of ammunition- including ammunition which can prove to be rather dirty or adept at gumming up […]

Product Review: Ballistol Multi-Purpose Gun Oil

By Andy Wolf While I don’t shoot anywhere as much as I would like, it cannot be argued that I shoot a lot. With range entries logged anywhere from once a week to the weekend-long training trips I would log every other month last winter, I have put a lot of lead downrange in the […]