Best Apps to get the Most out of Your Travel

The recent boom in app development can make choosing a bit tricky.

The recent boom in app development can make choosing a bit tricky.

If you’re like many military families, you’ll be taking some time this summer to hit the road. You might be PCSing, vacationing (if you’re lucky) or even visiting family.

One thing many of us will have in common is some sort of smart phone or other portable digital device glued to our sides – or perhaps mounted to the headrests to entertain the kids and give you five seconds of peace and quiet.

With the recent explosion in development, we’re all pretty aware that apps can make life a whole lot easier. Travel is certainly not excluded! You might find some of these downloads can be extremely helpful in plotting your route, tracking spending and even managing your PCS.

The best part? Sarge did some of the homework for you:

  • First things first: Keep an eye out for SargesList’s Android App! We’re looking to launch very soon, and we think you’ll love how easy it is to search for information you need, plan your PCS and post your listings. You can also check out our current iPhone app, but expect a new version of that soon as well. Check out the current version of our iPhone App now.¬†

Money Tracking

  • Mint: There are many, many apps available for money tracking, and personal preference has a lot to do with what apps you’ll actually use. However, Mint is pretty great because it can be used for free, and the linked mobile apps are also free. It’s designed to help you stay on top of all your accounts in real time and offers easy-to-read charts, so nothing will slip through the cracks.
  • Expensify: This is another finance organizing app that is well-loved by business travelers especially good if you’ll be using multiple accounts. You can track purchases and easily sync with multiple credit cards and track spending in more than one place. It’s available from iOS and the Android Market.


  • ¬†Map Applications: Let’s start with the obvious – don’t get lost! Again, there are many options, but Google Maps makes it pretty easy to get directions at any time from multiple devices. And it’s free for¬†Android, Blackberry,¬†on the Web and is pre-installed on iOS¬†.
  • Hipmunk: This app is designed to help you compare and find the cheapest flights or accommodations through an easy-to-read chart. You can also book through the app if you’re in a hurry. It’s also free for Android and iOS.
  • Kayak: Many of us use Kayak regularly on our home computers, but if you haven’t met the app yet, it might be time to give it a try. It’s free and easy to search for hotels, flights and track your flight’s status. Find it on¬†Android, Blackberry, iOS, Kindle Fire, and Windows Phone.
  • TripAdvisor: Like Kayak, TripAdvisor is also a well-known tool. Like the web-based version, the mobile app is extremely useful for finding flights and hotels. However, many would argue the biggest advantage is the ability to view so many true-to-life, honest reviews that users contribute on a daily basis. Get it for iOS or on the Android Market.
  • GateGuru: Cutting it close with flight times? Getting ready for an epic PCS? GateGuru might be your best friend. The app has a list of terminals, caf√©s, restaurants and gift shops in many of the world’s airports. Find it for iOS and the Android Market.

Other Handy Tools

  • DropBox: If you’re PCSing, you know that you have to have a lot of important paperwork and documentation at your fingertips. DropBox can make it easier by allowing you to store digital copies that you can pull up at the click of a button. Two GB of storage is free and you can find it for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Mac and PC, and the web
  • AccuWeather: Don’t get soaking wet! There are a wide variety of weather-type apps for you to choose from, but if you’re unsure, AccuWeather is reliable and allows you to add multiple locations if you’re taking a trip. Get it for iOS and the Android Market.
  • GoogleTranslate: PCSing or traveling internationally? Much ike the familiar Google Translate web service, this free app allows you to easily translate text into other languages. It’s available for iOS or the Android Market Place.
  • XE Currency Exchange: This is another great tool if you’re traveling internationally. You can find it for iOS or the Android Marketplace.

Want to Keep the Kids Entertained?

Parenting has a great list of highly-rated kids apps to help you on the road. Thank us later!

More Great Apps

Cnn list of best travel apps. 

Business Insider’s list of top 100 apps.



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