Seven must know concepts for carrying a firearm for protection

This article is brought to you by Ballistol -“the world’s most useful and environmentally friendly lubricant since 1904.” In the face of an ever-uncertain and changing world, many Americans have chosen to step up their personal protection game by lawfully carrying a concealed firearm. In fact, a study by the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that […]

Review: Breaking in a new AR pistol with Ballistol

When it comes to building firearms, there is little more satisfying than firing the first shot. After the first shot, however, comes the arduous and occasionally hit-and-miss period of ensuring that the firearm will perform reliably with a variety of ammunition- including ammunition which can prove to be rather dirty or adept at gumming up […]

Product Review: Ballistol Multi-Purpose Gun Oil

By Andy Wolf While I don’t shoot anywhere as much as I would like, it cannot be argued that I shoot a lot. With range entries logged anywhere from once a week to the weekend-long training trips I would log every other month last winter, I have put a lot of lead downrange in the […]

Armed veterans searching America’s most dangerous neighborhoods for Pokemon

(This is completely satirical post written only for entertainment) Veterans seeking a new thrill have donned their old armor and taken to the nation’s most dangerous neighborhoods in search of the ultimate prey- Pokemon. Scouring the seediest sectors of major metropolitan areas that suburban children and adults avoid at all costs, former servicemembers have  taken […]

Let’s Talk About PTSD

In a recent study by the Center for Health Military Research, as of October 2007, it was discovered that out of the 1.64 million service members deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, approximately 300,000 individuals currently suffer from PTSD and other closely related disorders. PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is caused by experiencing or witnessing a […]

Veterans put their own names on kill list and send to ISIS

With ISIS terrorists targeting thousands of Americans every day and earmarking them for attack, many of us seasoned veterans of the Global War on Terror are feeling a little, well.. Left out. Like the fat kid nobody wants to pick for volleyball or the girl too tall to be asked out at junior high prom, […]

Thank You for Protecting Our Freedoms

May 2016 is Military Appreciation Month and though this month of dedication to appreciating our military heroes is a wonderful thing,  it still falls short of the gratitude and appreciation that is truly deserved. As a veteran of the Ohio Air National Guard, I developed a strong appreciation for those that serve our country.   That […]

Should I Rent or Buy?

 Whether you are a new member of the military, have been actively serving for a while, a veteran or a military spouse, making the decision to rent or buy a home can be daunting.  There are many things to consider and questions you may have such as “How much will I need to rent a […]

Taxes 2015, Deadline – April 15, 2016

By Ramona Paden, Contributing Writer for, “The Fastest Way To Get Your Tax Refund” explains the numerous ways to get your tax refund as fast as possible AND about the numerous online resources to get your taxes filed on time and with little effort on your part! If you haven’t filed your 2015 taxes […]

Housing: Renter’s Insurance

What is Renter’s Insurance? ¬†Renter’s Insurance is essentially a “personal property” insurance. ¬†Meaning it covers your personally owned items within the dwelling, while the homeowner carries “Landlord Insurance” that covers the structure (and that is different from typical Homeowner’s Insurance). Why do I need it? ¬†If you, as a renter, experience theft, fire or water […]