Charity of the Month: Children of Fallen Soldiers

Children of Fallen SoldiersWe’ve all seen the heart wrenching photo of a Marine handing a delicately folded flag to a young boy at his father’s funeral.  Just what does happen after the funeral is over, the friends and families have gone back to their daily lives and the child is left with only memories of his hero?  Children of Fallen Soldiers is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of supporting children who have lost a parent in the US Military.

This support includes collecting and disseminating Expressions of Appreciation.  Through the Expressions of Appreciation program, children of fallen Armed Forces members can receive sentiments from others, thanking them for their sacrifice as well as supporting them as they grieve their loss.  All submissions are screened first and then shared with the children.  This is a fantastic way for a child to see the outpouring of love and support by strangers for the contributions made by the child’s family.  Children of Fallen Soldiers accepts expressions in various media such as written sentiments, videos and photographs.  A simple message from you of encouragement or thanks can brighten a child’s day.

In addition to supporting these children with encouragement via the Expressions of Appreciation program, Children of Fallen Soldiers also has created America’s Dream Mentorship Program.  This program provides a ten year commitment to assisting children who have lost their Armed Forces parent.  The manner in which this program assists the child is to help him/her recognize and reach their dreams.  Through a mentorship, a committed bond is formed to show that child that others care about them and their future success.

For more information on ways you can support children who have lost their US Military parent, please visit their website at:

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