Keeping the VET in Veteran’s Day

Thank you for your service!I love Veteran’s Day. My reasons have changed as I have grown and matured as to why, but I have always loved Veteran’s Day. Becoming the spouse of an Active Duty Sailor makes military remembrance days and holidays stand out and if you are in a circle that has experienced injury or loss the meaning of days like Veteran’s Day become even more cherished.

So what can YOU do to make sure you are honoring Veterans in a meaningful way? ¬†There are a ton of ideas out there on the web, but I ran across this article from and I think they have summed it up perfectly. So I invite you to take a moment to read the article and share with us your ideas on how to keep the VET in Veteran’s Day. ¬†Comment below or on our Facebook page! ¬†If you are hosting or know of a community activity happening this weekend or on Veteran’s Day,¬†create a listing on SargesList to share with the community!


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