Rare Congressional Compromise Bans One Particularly Lethal Ammo Type

banne ammo
(This article appeared on Article 107 News -a satirical military news website)

While several contentious efforts at gun control failed in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives yesterday, a rare bipartisan Congressional compromise ensured that one particularly lethal form of ammunition is off our nation’s streets for good.

“At simulated crime scenes and mock battlefields across the country, we’ve seen more and more of these M200 “Purple Tip” rounds,” explained Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “Moreover, this military-grade assault ammunition is shockingly unregulated. If you go to the “back 40″ training areas at literally any of the US’s military’s training bases, you will find Purple Tips by the case load tossed into dumpsters, pitched into creekbeds, hidden in the bushes, or stuffed into amnesty boxes all over post. ”

Even staunch gun rights advocate Sen. Dianne Feinstein agreed with the ban. “Every Marine I’ve ever met (well, all two of them) told me that at one point or another in their careers they each had a case of the stuff in their garage. Each. The military has so much of it that troops are literally throwing it away on training missions. What a waste. Everyone knows we need that money for Obamacare.”

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