School’s Out! Five Fun Ways to Spend a Day This Summer

School's out for the summer

School’s out for the summer

School’s out for the summer all over the country. As some parents in military families are gearing up for a PCS, others are facing the yearly panic that accompanies an empty calendar and bored children.

If you aren’t facing a big move, do the rest of us a favor and take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the status quo! When you’re soon tired of nothing and the kids are driving you crazy, try one of these fun ideas for summer fun.

  1. Explore Your Community: Just because it wasn’t your dream PCS doesn’t mean there isn’t the potential for fun around every corner. Even if it’s not what you’re used to and there’s no beach within a thousand miles, now is the time to make the best of what’s around. Check out Military Duty Stations for advice and then leave your own review.
  2. Explore a Museum: Thanks to the coordination skills of one of our favorite charities, Blue Star Museums offers you free admission all summer.
  3. Start a Playgroup: If you’re feeling lonely for ault company, and all your kids best friends have made their exit for new states and bases, it might be time to get involved and start your own playgroup. Funding other parents with bored children of their own may be the perfect recipe for new ideas and fun.
  4. Learn a New Sport Together: Leaning a new skill or sport with your family is good in more ways than one – keeping fit, spending time together and getting exercise come together for a little summer fun.
  5. Get Charitable: Use your lazy summer days for a good (military-friendly!) cause and help your kids learn about giving back all at once. Car washes, bake sales and lemonade stands can help pass a day in no time.
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