SargesList Local Experts – Military Real Estate Agents

If you are looking for the American Dream, look no further, our local experts can assist you in buying, selling or renting your dream and the biggest investment you’ll make. Below you’ll find our list of military friendly realtors who are either current active duty spouses, veterans or experienced military relo specialists:   12615 Meridian […]

What to Purge Before PCSing to Hawaii and Other Subtropical Areas

Current duty station location: NAS Whibdey Island, WA.¬† Next duty station? ¬†Hawaii! Only in the military do we find ourselves on opposite ends of the climate spectrum every couple of years.¬† What do you do when you’re moving from a winter wonderland to tropical paradise, or vice versa? It is better to part with your […]

Best Expert Tips for PCSing with your Pets

By Happy Tails Pet Relocation There are many tips available about transporting our pets via a PCS move. Knowing and abiding by these rules is the pet owners‚Äô responsibility, with veterinary personnel guiding you through theprocess or hiring a professional pet travel company. Just like preparing our human families for a PCS move, we have […]

30 Documents You Should Always Carry When You PCS

Picture this: You are PCSing from Washington to Hawaii. You arrive and start the 8 crucial PCS check in requirements for Hawaii¬†only to find out you packed your title and registration paperwork with your HHG shipment! Now you are stuck waiting for up to two months to get your car out of the shipping lot. […]

5 Easy Tips for Military to Save Money on Energy Bills!

Guest Author: Adrienne Lally of Team Lally, SargesList Local Expert for Schofield Barracks It’s not just which energy efficiency tips and projects you implement at home that will make a dent in your bills — it’s how many. This is a Q&A with Suzanne Shelton, president and CEO of Shelton Group, a marketing agency specializing […]

Don’t Qualify for HARP 2.0? You Still Have Options!

Did you read the latest SargesList post, New Lifeline for Underwater Military Homeowners: HARP 2.0, thinking you‚Äôd found a solution to your mortgage woes? Did you go to Zillow’s qualification calculator only to find out that your mortgage never saw the likes of Freddie ¬†or Fannie? What now? If HARP 2.0 isn‚Äôt for you, you‚Äôre […]

Getting Your House Fit to Fight for Your Next PCS Move with a PCS Purge!

PCS season is fast approaching and spring cleaning fever is in full force. There is nothing more stressful than facing a PCS move without a plan to organize your home and shed some of your excess baggage. With each move, we acquire more stuff, which ultimately equals more shipping weight, which can equal big bucks […]

Buying a home for $293

By Susanna Haynie, Retired Military Spouse and Active Realtor at Fort Carson I need to clarify right away that $293 was NOT the price of the house but was the cash that was needed to get my buyers into the home. How did this happen? I would think it’s like the perfect storm.¬† I am […]

Housing Talk @ USAG Grafenwoehr, Vilseck and Hohenfels

by Manuela Spaur LBS Immobilien – Real Estate Being Bavarian born and an American (Hawaii and California) Realtor currently working with LBS/ Sparkasse Finance Group in USAG Grafenwoehr, I’ve moved from the U.S. to Germany and have worked as a real estate agent in both countries. I help many military families with finding homes. You […]

June MilSpouse Spotlight: Michelle Ocampo, Photographer

By Melissa Renahan, Writer and Military Spouse As military spouses, we are familiar with the term ‚Äòportable career‚Äô, but what does that really mean? The powers that be sometimes recommend fields like nursing or teaching, but really those are two competitive job markets that require degrees, training and an open position in the spot you‚Äôre […]