Back to School Shopping

Beginning as early as the first week in August and as late as after Labor Day, the first day of school is swiftly approaching. Going back to school can require quite a bit of prep work: ¬†New supplies, clothes or uniforms and shoes have to be purchased; haircuts happen, bedtimes adjusted, homework areas dug out […]

You’re studying what?

Read more about amazing multitasker and guest blogger Kristen Smith at the end of this post. That‚Äôs generally the response I receive when I tell folks that I have ventured back to school to pursue a degree in dietetics. WHAT is dietetics, they ask, and HOW did you choose that? The answer isn‚Äôt as simple […]

Away from the home for school or work?

As many families settle into new duty stations after PCSing, they’ll find they’re in the familiar pattern of resettling their life – yet again. Finding new local services, shopping, hair salons, schools for the kids (or themselves) and a social niche can be absolutely exhausting. Many are also considering going back to work or school. […]

Back to School Shopping Tips

Whether you’re staying in your hometown or have recently PCSed, your kids are likely starting school this fall. And all parents are facing the sometimes-dreaded school supplies list! Kids’ school supplies can be expensive, especially when brand preferences are named and teachers ask for specific classroom contributions. The bills can start to get a little […]

The End of PCS Season, The Beginning of Back to School

  PCS season is over for our family. We recently PCSed from Okinawa, Japan to California. PCSing is stressful in itself, whether it‚Äôs just a single person or a family. Between the packing, deciding what to take, what to sell, and what to take to the thrift shop, selling our vehicles, then moving into lodging, […]

Back to School For Military Kids

One of the biggest struggles military families face is maintaining a great education for their children while moving around the world. Although military kids see and experience things that their peers will only dream of for years to come, that doesn’t always translate into school credit or something finite that will help them with transitions […]