Managing Children and Command Holiday Parties

Whether your command’s holiday party is an adult-only function, or the whole family is invited, you’ll have to think about making arrangements for your children. Managing Children at “Family Friendly” Holiday Parties Family friendly command holiday parties are preferred by many military families, as it eases the burden of paying a sitter and the abundant […]

Parenting and PCSing Around the Holidays

  Traveling and PCSing in the winter and around the busy holiday season can come with many unforeseen challenges. Settling into a new duty station, coping with holidays without family and friends and other speed bumps in a military family’s “normal” way of life can especially complicate the already-daunting task of parenting. Childcare requires trust […]

Home-Based Business Week

Did you know the first week of October is National Home-Based Business Week? If you own a home-based business, you’re in good company! There are approximately 20 million small business owners who work from their homes. Working from Home is Hard Work! At SargesList, we know first-hand that working from home is still work, as […]

Away from the home for school or work?

As many families settle into new duty stations after PCSing, they’ll find they’re in the familiar pattern of resettling their life – yet again. Finding new local services, shopping, hair salons, schools for the kids (or themselves) and a social niche can be absolutely exhausting. Many are also considering going back to work or school. […]