November is Military Family Appreciation Month!

Each year the President signs a proclamation declaring November Military Family Month.¬†This annual proclamation marks the beginning of a month-long celebration of the Military Family in which the Department of Defense and the nation will honor the commitment and sacrifices made by the families of the nation’s servicemembers. Throughout the month of November, military families […]

Charity Highlight: Blue Star Families

This month‚Äôs charity feature highlights Blue Star Families. ¬†Blue Star Families seeks to support our military families and service members. ¬†Despite having only been founded in 2009, there is great momentum and rapid expansion of this organization. ¬†Organized by local chapters, the group heads up many programs to connect families and empower its members. Blue […]

Surviving Summer Deployments

Ok, so the kids are out for the summer, you are ready to enjoy some beach time and then have to manage it on your own as your spouse is deployed.¬† Deployments are stressful, regardless of the season.¬† Summer can be especially hard as alternate arrangements need to be made for child care in some […]

Get Geared Up For Summer!

Summer is right around the corner, and it‚Äôs time to start planning how you and your family will be spending it. ¬†Here are a few tips to help you get geared up: Are you planning to take a vacation somewhere? If you haven‚Äôt already booked flights and/or accommodations, get to it right away! The longer […]

Heading to a Small Military Base?

We‚Äôve all heard the saying that every duty station is what you make of it. This certainly holds true when it comes to small military bases. Moving from a larger base to a smaller one can sometimes leave us feeling underwhelmed. The amenities on smaller bases are generally not as ample, and there aren‚Äôt as […]

Enjoy the Base You’re At

You know the saying ‚ÄúThe grass is always greener on the other side‚Äù.¬† Sure, maybe you are at a base that was so low on your list it didn‚Äôt even make the list.¬† There may be bugs, snakes, the weather is too hot/too cold, you are too far from your friends or what you consider […]

The Thrift Savings Plan: Are You Contributing Yet?

by: Kisha A. Taylor, Writer/Editor The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board If not, what are you waiting for? You are eligible to contribute to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) as soon as you begin your military service. Saving for your retirement with the TSP makes sense no matter how many years you plan to serve […]

Spring on Upcoming Holidays!

Spring is in the air and Easter and Passover are approaching quickly! This year Easter falls on Sunday, April 20th ¬†and Passover begins on Monday, April 14th and ends on Tuesday, April 22nd. For military families, holidays can sometimes be challenging. Some of us are far away from our extended families and some have loved […]

Free Tax Prep for Military!

The tax deadline of April 15, 2014 is quickly approaching.¬† With only a few days until the upcoming file date, we have put together a list of locations where military members may get their taxes done for free! Turbo Tax Turbo Tax is offering free guidance for military families with both military and civilian income.¬† […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Saint Patrick’s Day is upon us with its green glory of shamrock’s, leprechauns, and who can forget the corned beef and cabbage. If you are like me, we typically have left over corned beef and cabbage for days. One of the best ways to get leftovers out of the refrigerator is to turn them into […]