Secrets for a Successful Military Transition

There are five steps we recommend every transitioning service member consider as they contemplate the move out of uniform: plan, adjust, search wisely, network, and manage expectations. 1. It is your transition, take it upon yourself to plan and get it done If you are used to the mission mindset of the military, make your […]

Planning for Retirement at Any Age

With the average life expectancy 30 years longer today than it was 100 years ago, saving adequate funds to live comfortably through a long retirement has become more challenging. Consider the following four snapshots of typical families in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Compare their stories to your own to determine whether you’re on […]

Building a PCS Binder

Anytime you move, it helps to be organized. When you move once a year, it is essential. Living the Army life,¬†I knew it would come with its fair share of moving. For us, though,¬†it has meant 4 moves in under 4 years and I think by now I‚Äôve gotten pretty good at it. The most […]

Military and Mid-Career? It’s Never Too Late to Start Saving (by Kisha A. Taylor)

By Kisha A. Taylor, Writer/Editor, Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board At some point in your military career you may have heard about the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and some of its advantages, but perhaps saving for retirement wasn‚Äôt a priority. Then one day, you realize you‚Äôre closer to retirement age than you thought and discover […]

35 DIY Projects to Make Your House a Home

Being a part of the military means guaranteed and relatively frequent moves. No one wants to stay in a house that doesn’t feel like a home, but maybe you don’t know how long of a stay you have. Here you’ll find 35 do-it-yourself projects to make any house feel like it’s right where you and […]

Benefits of VA Home Loans in a Tough Housing Market (by Tali Wee of Zillow)

Since home values recovered substantially from their post-recession crash prices, the housing market is unaffordable for many home shoppers ‚Äì especially for military service members. Not all military members are provided on-base housing, forcing them to find reasonable housing nearby. Research shows that housing near military bases is some of the most expensive housing in […]

Create Your Own Kiddie Pool Garden!

It isn’t too late to get your summer gardens growing! Have you recently moved or where you are living has limited yard space, but you really want your own garden? The link below will take you to the best (and cheapest!) option for a quick and easy garden using a plastic kiddie pool with step-by-step […]

Enjoy the Base You’re At

You know the saying ‚ÄúThe grass is always greener on the other side‚Äù.¬† Sure, maybe you are at a base that was so low on your list it didn‚Äôt even make the list.¬† There may be bugs, snakes, the weather is too hot/too cold, you are too far from your friends or what you consider […]

Charity of the Month: Children of Fallen Soldiers

We‚Äôve all seen the heart wrenching photo of a Marine handing a delicately folded flag to a young boy at his father‚Äôs funeral.¬† Just what does happen after the funeral is over, the friends and families have gone back to their daily lives and the child is left with only memories of his hero?¬† Children […]

PCS Tax Deductibles

Tax season is upon us and while it often leads to cringing at the thought we‚Äôve pulled together information for you on deductibles that you should be mindful of following a PCS move. ¬†¬†First and foremost, save all moving expense receipts.¬† While these may not be required at the time of filing your taxes, you […]