Building a PCS Binder

Anytime you move, it helps to be organized. When you move once a year, it is essential. Living the Army life,¬†I knew it would come with its fair share of moving. For us, though,¬†it has meant 4 moves in under 4 years and I think by now I‚Äôve gotten pretty good at it. The most […]

PCS Tax Deductibles

Tax season is upon us and while it often leads to cringing at the thought we‚Äôve pulled together information for you on deductibles that you should be mindful of following a PCS move. ¬†¬†First and foremost, save all moving expense receipts.¬† While these may not be required at the time of filing your taxes, you […]

5 DITY Tips to Make Moving Easier

Guest blogger, Jo, is the creator and owner of blog, Jo, My Gosh! Read more about her at the end of this post. Most people, when hearing that my husband and I had decided to try a DITY move for our first PCS, tried to persuade us to rethink our decision. After all, we had […]

Need to sell a home quickly? Prep in a week!

Often times as military families, PCS orders come early or unexpectedly, which can mean plans must change rapidly.¬† An unwillingness or inability to rent out a house can mean that making a decision to sell may come just weeks (or days) before a listing has to hit the market. If you’re stuck in a time […]

House Staging 101

Staging your home before welcoming shoppers can be extremely intimidating. The process can be even more difficult for military families who often haven’t had as much time to settle in or add personal touches. Also, with PCS dates being inflexible at best, you might not always have all the time and resources you need to […]

A Few Things to Know About the VA Loan

As the military community gears up for PCS Season, many service members and their families may be considering purchasing their first home. The VA Loan is a wonderful advantage afforded to military, and many base communities are filled with resources that can help you get the most out of your VA Loan. Ellen Hough, a […]

Getting Ready to hit the Road? Last Minute Tips for PCSing

It seems as though it were just yesterday your spouse received PCS orders, yet here you are with moving day almost upon you. Transportation has been called: check. The dog‚Äôs medical records up-to-date: check. PCS purging complete: check. Housing at the next duty station set-up: check. Everything appears to be order. Yet, you still may […]

What’s “Home” to the frequent PCSer?

“Home is where the husband (or wife) is!” It’s a common saying among military families. We repeat this over and over amongst ourselves because it’s true. But we also use it, occasionally, a bit tongue-in-cheek. We move around so frequently, the idea of settling into a “home” for any substantial length of time may seem […]

Spring (PCS) Cleaning

Spring is in the air at many military communities around the globe. As is tradition in many cultures, the change in season brings about the desire to thoroughly clean out and organize the home. The PCS purge is only part of the equation. As good as it feels to de-junk, sell your unneeded items and […]

Should You Rent out Your Home?

When you moved to your duty station, you bought a house. You painted your kitchen the color of your youngest child‚Äôs eyes. You laugh, recalling the time when your husband tried to fix the sink and only succeeded in flooding the kitchen. You lovingly stroke the pencil lines on the wall that marked, not only […]