Building a PCS Binder

Anytime you move, it helps to be organized. When you move once a year, it is essential. Living the Army life,¬†I knew it would come with its fair share of moving. For us, though,¬†it has meant 4 moves in under 4 years and I think by now I‚Äôve gotten pretty good at it. The most […]

How to Save on Your Next Move: A Military Perspective

My name is Jesse Vasquez and my time spent as an officer with the United States Army was littered with cross-country moves. The moves I made in my career, as with most military PCS moves (Permanent Change of Station), were eventful, exciting, stressful and painful. ¬†Anyone in the military can recall how frustrating it is […]

Navigating the Sitter

Our good friends at Sittercity realize that navigating the sitter/parent relationship can be tricky for both sides.¬† Below are a few common topics and what you can do to smooth things over. 1. Please come home (and leave) on time If you tell your sitter you‚Äôll be home around 10, do your best to be […]

Need to sell a home quickly? Prep in a week!

Often times as military families, PCS orders come early or unexpectedly, which can mean plans must change rapidly.¬† An unwillingness or inability to rent out a house can mean that making a decision to sell may come just weeks (or days) before a listing has to hit the market. If you’re stuck in a time […]

House Staging 101

Staging your home before welcoming shoppers can be extremely intimidating. The process can be even more difficult for military families who often haven’t had as much time to settle in or add personal touches. Also, with PCS dates being inflexible at best, you might not always have all the time and resources you need to […]

The Six Figure Home Buying Mistake

‚ÄúSmart people learn from their own mistakes. Wise people learn from the mistakes of others‚Äù – unknown. This article is written by Karen Bates of Military Home Loans and SargesList Local Expert Angelica Wallace of Homes With Wallace When Karen Bates of Military Home Loans joined the United States Navy at age 19, she never […]

Hit The Road, Save Money

Many of us are getting ready to hit the road for a long-awaited vacation or a perhaps an exciting PCS. Or perhaps you’re moving to the middle of nowhere (sorry!). No matter where you’re going, if you’re like many military families, no matter what your reason is for traveling, it’s is a great time to […]

The Time Management Epidemic

With so many of our friends PCSing and starting new jobs, we turned to our friend Stacy Swearengen at Portable Career Planning for some helpful advice. Enjoy her tips and insight into time management. Time Management There is an epidemic among us, and we‚Äôve accepted it as a fact of life. We‚Äôve become accustomed to […]

Controling the Chaos of Home or Rental Maintenance

Let‚Äôs face it, life is hectic.¬† Remembering all the details about the finances, the families, the schools, the shopping list, the vacation, and the home is often times overwhelming.¬† We have discovered a new online application that at least gets all aspects of maintaining your home organized. For the frequently moving military family, this type […]

A Few Things to Know About the VA Loan

As the military community gears up for PCS Season, many service members and their families may be considering purchasing their first home. The VA Loan is a wonderful advantage afforded to military, and many base communities are filled with resources that can help you get the most out of your VA Loan. Ellen Hough, a […]