Building a PCS Binder

Anytime you move, it helps to be organized. When you move once a year, it is essential. Living the Army life,¬†I knew it would come with its fair share of moving. For us, though,¬†it has meant 4 moves in under 4 years and I think by now I‚Äôve gotten pretty good at it. The most […]

Heading to a Small Military Base?

We‚Äôve all heard the saying that every duty station is what you make of it. This certainly holds true when it comes to small military bases. Moving from a larger base to a smaller one can sometimes leave us feeling underwhelmed. The amenities on smaller bases are generally not as ample, and there aren‚Äôt as […]

Enjoy the Base You’re At

You know the saying ‚ÄúThe grass is always greener on the other side‚Äù.¬† Sure, maybe you are at a base that was so low on your list it didn‚Äôt even make the list.¬† There may be bugs, snakes, the weather is too hot/too cold, you are too far from your friends or what you consider […]

PCS Tax Deductibles

Tax season is upon us and while it often leads to cringing at the thought we‚Äôve pulled together information for you on deductibles that you should be mindful of following a PCS move. ¬†¬†First and foremost, save all moving expense receipts.¬† While these may not be required at the time of filing your taxes, you […]

Free Tax Prep for Military!

The tax deadline of April 15, 2014 is quickly approaching.¬† With only a few days until the upcoming file date, we have put together a list of locations where military members may get their taxes done for free! Turbo Tax Turbo Tax is offering free guidance for military families with both military and civilian income.¬† […]

Navigating the Sitter

Our good friends at Sittercity realize that navigating the sitter/parent relationship can be tricky for both sides.¬† Below are a few common topics and what you can do to smooth things over. 1. Please come home (and leave) on time If you tell your sitter you‚Äôll be home around 10, do your best to be […]

5 DITY Tips to Make Moving Easier

Guest blogger, Jo, is the creator and owner of blog, Jo, My Gosh! Read more about her at the end of this post. Most people, when hearing that my husband and I had decided to try a DITY move for our first PCS, tried to persuade us to rethink our decision. After all, we had […]

PCS Guide Cover Shot Contest

Production for our 2014 PCS Guide is in high gear and we can’t wait to share what we have! However, we’re still on the hunt for a new cover photo and only the best will do! Last year’s PCS Guide was courtesy of Toby Keathley Photography and, although we’re not counting on it, we’re hoping […]

VA Loan Basics

As we gear up for PCS Season, many military families who are moving to new duty stations are considering buying homes with their VA Loans. Today’s guest blogger is an expert in these types of mortgages and can offer a few words of wisdom to first time – and repeat – home buyers. The VA […]

Top Winter DIY Home Improvement Projects

If you’re looking to sell your home this spring, you’re likely considering a few DIY projects to give your home a facelift and edge in the market. If the outdoor weather in your area keeps you stuck indoors, it’s the perfect time to tackle our list of winter home improvement projects. Energy-Saving Projects¬† If you […]