Navigating the Sitter

Our good friends at Sittercity realize that navigating the sitter/parent relationship can be tricky for both sides.¬† Below are a few common topics and what you can do to smooth things over. 1. Please come home (and leave) on time If you tell your sitter you‚Äôll be home around 10, do your best to be […]

Managing Children and Command Holiday Parties

Whether your command’s holiday party is an adult-only function, or the whole family is invited, you’ll have to think about making arrangements for your children. Managing Children at “Family Friendly” Holiday Parties Family friendly command holiday parties are preferred by many military families, as it eases the burden of paying a sitter and the abundant […]

Parenting and PCSing Around the Holidays

  Traveling and PCSing in the winter and around the busy holiday season can come with many unforeseen challenges. Settling into a new duty station, coping with holidays without family and friends and other speed bumps in a military family’s “normal” way of life can especially complicate the already-daunting task of parenting. Childcare requires trust […]

Ten Ways to Save and Make Money with SargesList

It’s no secret – times are tight and military families everywhere are trying to make the most of their hard-earned dollars. SargesList is one of the best ways you can get plugged into your local and global community to get the most out of your business, your money and your time. Whether you’re buying, selling, […]

Enjoy a Worry-Free Night Out

Headed Out in Style? Military formal events take a great deal of preparation if you want to pull off attendance without a hitch. Of course, there’s the outfit and physical preparations and the associated costs to consider. You also have to consider etiquette, be prepared to socialize with your spouse’s coworkers, and overcome any feelings […]

Military Formals Breaking the Bank?

Unwillingly Collecting Formal Wear? After more than 10 years of dating and being married to my Navy husband, formal wear has become the odd collection I never anticipated would take over my closet. And yet, there it is. Black and red and blue and beautiful! Some pieces are shoved at the back of closets, others […]

National Parent’s Day

Situated after Mother’s Day and Father’s Day each year is a lesser-known holiday that gives families everywhere a reason to celebrate. Parents Day, a holiday that was signed into law following its resolution in 1944, takes place on the fourth Sunday of every July. This year, it’s taking place this Sunday, July 28, 2013. Parents […]

Stress Relief for Parents

Military families are no strangers to stress. Between moving, deployments, adjustments and solo-parenting kids from time to time, military parents truly need a break from the demands of child rearing in everyday life. The unique stressors military families face are well-documented. Studies released by the DOD and non-profits such as the National Military Family Association, […]

Free SitterCity Memberships for Military Families

The seasoned military family is all too familiar with the feeling of anxiety that settles in upon PCSing. Moving to a new duty station means branching out to rebuild almost every aspect your life elsewhere; often times at great personal and emotional cost. You can count on the movers to pack up and haul away […]