Charity of the Month: Fisher House Foundation

How often do we hear about events and activities put on by an organization but don‚Äôt really know much more about them and how they contribute to our military family?¬† This month, we are highlighting the Fisher House Foundation.¬† Fisher House is known for helping military families through various avenues such as Hero Miles, Hotels […]

Dogs On Deployment: SargesList Charity Highlight

As SargesList kicks off 2014, we’re looking forward to thanking military-friendly charities that we and our readers love on our blog each month. Since we have a special affection for dogs, it was easy to pick this month’s charity to kick off our monthly highlight. Dogs on Deployment Many of us in the military community […]

Getting Family Involved In Charity

As the holiday season approaches, many of us begin to count our many blessings and consider both our good fortunes and the difficulties many families around us may face. This time of year is a common time for families to become involved in charitable volunteering and giving, and for good reason. Selfless acts and volunteerism […]

Giving and Getting Assistance this Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans Day, SargesList asked some of our veteran and military spouse friends and readers to name their favorite organizations that support veterans and military families. A quick internet search turns up many non-profits and support organizations that do great things, but may leave you wondering where exactly you should place your efforts […]

Six Ways to Volunteer for a Job

Like many in the military spouse community, I have dedicated hundreds (if not thousands) of hours to Family Readiness Groups, Spouses‚Äô Clubs, kids‚Äô activities and a multitude of other worthy causes. Most of the time I embrace my status as a professional volunteer. There is nothing like a job search, though, to make me question […]