The 30 Minute Pre-House Showing Checklist

Last-minute details can make or break a house sale.

Last-minute details can make or break a house sale.

Showing a client’s (or your) house in a half an hour? Here’s your last-minute checklist.

  1.  Double-check the details of the home and be sure no highlights are left out on literature you intend to distribute: number of bathrooms, school zones, dates of improvements, custom items, etc.
  2. Outside: Be sure the garage doors are down and items such as trash cans and toys are put away. Move cars to ensure there is a clear view of the home from the street and buyers have a place to park.
  3. Remove remaining personal items and other distracting pieces that can be easily physically hidden. You can stash these items in a bin and put them someplace temporarily: such as a car trunk.
  4. Make sure personal toiletries are put away and surfaces such as bathroom vanities and kitchen counter tops are  clean.
  5. Turn on interior lights in china cabinet or shelves.
  6. Open all blinds and curtains to let in the light (unless a view is particularly bad).
  7. Make sure the home is a comfortable temperature.
  8. Make sure there is an inviting place for potential buyers to sit down. Strategically organize pillows on sofas and make them look inviting.
  9. Close closet doors.
  10. Empty all the garbage cans in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  11. Put down toilet seat lids.
  12. Ensure beds are made.
  13. Make sure pets are out of the house.
  14. Make sure the home smells nice.
  15. Have a little more time? Try these other staging tips.

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