The Relationship with your House

HomeZada provides a way to track home inventory, projects, contacts and more.

HomeZada provides a way to track home inventory, projects, contacts and more.

Organizing and managing a house is a lot of work.  This is dually complicated for military families, as the lifestyle often necessitates one member of the family (or the whole family!) being away from a property for a long period of time. Over time, the relationship that each member of the family has with the house might develop differently.  Some view it as a financial asset that must be cared for and managed.  Others may view it as a source of never ending tasks that need to get done.  There is no right or wrong perspective here, as all are true.

As a result, the house often times becomes a source of disagreements between spouses.  One thing that alleviates these disagreements is visibility.  If each spouse can view the others perspective of the house with real life information, a greater appreciation is learned by each party.  This eye opening experience creates more common ground with spouses and their house, thus minimizing the disagreements and turning them more into rational, joint decision making on what is best.

Solutions like HomeZada change the relationship that you have with your house.  The

system a secure, online digital home portal where you can track and manage all the information about your house in one place.  You can manage your home inventory, home maintenance, home projects and important property documents.


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The biggest benefit of HomeZada is that both spouses can access the same account at the same time via the internet anywhere in the world.  This provides the “visibility” for both spouses to see the value of the inventory, to decide what projects to move forward with, to know what needs to be maintained or replaced.  There are dashboards and news and alerts that keep everyone on the same page regarding the house.

To learn more about HomeZada and how easy it is to setup, check out their site.


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