Why use a Local Area Expert?

RealtorMoving your home is never easy Рwhether due to a PCS or you need a different space. Having a Realtor on your side can help make the transition a lot easier. But where do you start looking?  Right HERE!

SargesList features Local Relocation Experts on our pages for different areas to help you buy, sell or rent your home. These professionals have experience in dealing with PCS orders and all of the obstacles that you may encounter along the way. Many of our Local Experts are former military or are milspouses with years of their own PCS Moves in their background. They are there to help guide you through PCS time!

There are many advantages to using a REALTOR®


  • When selling a home, they will help you price it correctly. No one wants their house sitting vacant for a long period of time.
  • Their job is to help you sell your home, they will market it in a way you may not have the time or ability to do as well as they can. From staging to signage, your REALTOR¬Æ will help you put your “best house forward”.
  • Your REALTOR¬Æ will negotiate the best deal on your behalf and will advise you on what their experience (and the data) shows you can get so you don’t sell at a loss or take less than your home’s value.
  • Open houses and showings are part of their training. A REALTOR¬Æ will use a lockbox on your home that will allow any licensed REALTOR¬Æ access to your home, even if you can’t be there.


  • A licensed REALTOR¬Æ has access to the MLS – the biggest and most complete database of home listings available.
  • Their job is to help you buy your next home and to provide counsel about issues you may not be aware of.
  • Your REALTOR¬Æ can help you determine what you can afford and provide referrals for financing.
  • A REALTOR¬Æ is familiar with all the local and current real estate values, taxes, costs and services that could affect your purchase.

Whether buying or selling a home, there are a lot of details that can overwhelm you or be forgotten. Using a REALTOR® is the best way to be sure that you have someone on your side to get you the best deal and see that everyone is satisfied.


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