14 Reasons To Use SargesList

The only military classifieds site and community you need.

You might have wondered “why use SargesList if that otherlist suffices. We get that a lot, and we’re here to tell you why you should switch from that otherlist and start using the classifieds site that was made with YOU and the rest of the military community in mind. We’re more than just listings –

1. Single Place to Buy, Sell, Trade & Connect

Have you fallen in love with a local service, only to have nothing like it at your next duty station? It happens all the time. But now with SargesList you will never have to worry about having to find the new local place to list your household items and peruse listings for items you need. Wherever you go, we’re already there.

2. SargesList is Free To Use

Some companies that state to help military servicemembers and their family charge a monthly fee or a per post fee to list items, homes, cars, etc. Not us! You’re free to use the site, free to list on the site, and you only pay if you want the extra bells and whistles on your items.

Sarge’s Stamp of Approval

3. Sarge’s Paw Helps You Make Trusted Connections

If you sign up with your .mil email account, your profile and listings will have the Sarge Paw of approval indicating you are official. Best of all, you can filter search results in your area to JUST show .mil account holder listings. No guessing! Neat!

4. Developed By Veterans And Powered By MilSpouses

Us military community folks are pretty hard to impress and can be skeptical of people when they come at us with a new service. We know that nobody but those that have walked a mile in our boots can understand exactly what we need. We knew this going in which is why SargesList was developed by Veterans and is powered by military spouses. There just was no other option than the best option.

5. Online Global Lemon Lot

Are you heading to Germany and want to see what stock is available in the lemon lot? Until SargesList you had to wait until you got there – Now you can view vehicles before heading OCONUS. Vice versa, if you’re coming back to the homeland, or just need to buy or sell a vehicle, just head to SargesList and do your thing.

6. Housing Connections Made Easier

We go through more addresses than vehicles in the military. The first thing you need to look for once you have orders in hand is figure out where you’re going to live – and if you own your current home, whether you will rent or sell. On SargesList you can look for homes for sale and list your own home for free! Another great PCS Season perk is the ability to swap housing with other military members. Someone is always coming your way and vice versa!

7. Find New or Temporary Homes For Your Animals

Nobody should ever have to say goodbye to their pets, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Whether you’re moving OCONUS and your dog breed isn’t allowed, or you’re going on a long deployment and have nobody to watch your cat, SargesList can help you find a new home – temporary or forever ¬†- for your beloved pet.

8. Military Spouses And Veterans Get FREE Advertising 

The entrepreneurial spirit is high in the military community and we want to help build your business. List your company under the services section of SargesList and get some highly coveted free advertising! You’ll be rewarded with the free advertising and with the military clientele that come your way.

9. Like to Barter or Trade?

Do so with other military families. For added security, meet on base!

10. We Never Turn Our Backs On Our Listings

SPAM is NOT welcome. If we see it, we delete it. Likewise we approve profiles and if we spot anything suspicious, we report it. Safety is our first concern when it comes to protecting our community and the integrity of our service.

11. Connect With The Local Community

Promote your local military events for free on SargesList. If you’re new somewhere, filter through your bases events listings and make some new friends. Get to know the community faster.

12. Need More Local Information?

SargesList has local base info for every base, in every branch, both CONUS and OCONUS. Find exactly what you need where you need it by using our Advanced Search function.

13. We Give Back to Organizations You Trust

We give back to our community. Organizations and causes we have worked with and given back to are The Commit Foundation- in support of wounded warrior and paraolympic swimmer LT Brad Snyder.

14. SargesList Strives To Make The PCS Easier and Better

Every year we publish the Ultimate PCS Guide which is packed with information, resources, discounts, and tips to make your PCS moves better. We’re going for the fine wine approach to our Guide and your PCS experience!

Still need convincing? Try SargesList out for yourself now! Click the green button below.

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