29 Awesome Items To Put In A Care Package

Staring at an empty care package? See what we came up with to trigger your creativity!

Need a little inspiration on what to put in your holiday care packages for your special service member overseas? Or just want to send a little something to any soldier? Here are 29 items to get you packing that box!

  1. Public Toilet Survival Kit
  2. Face wipes
  3. Hand warmers
  4. Twizzlers
  5. Fudge (in the winter only)
  6. Crafts from kids
  7. Cake in a jar or box!
  8. Jingle Bells and Santa Hats!
  9. Sleds (if it snows where they are)
  10. Electrolyte tablets
  11. Jerky
  12. Remote control airplane
  13. Protein bars
  14. Puzzles and mind games
  15. Pictures
  16. Thumb drive with pictures, music, videos (especially private ones!)
  17. Baby powder or Gold Bond for the boots!
  18. Fake moustaches! 
  19. Nerf football
  20. Chapstick
  21. Burts Bees hand cream for cracked hands
  22. Meal replacement bars
  23. Mio or Crystal Light for their water
  24. Socks
  25. Emergency Underpants!
  26. Instant soup
  27. Q-Tips
  28. Magazines
  29. Special note that tells the servicemember how awesome he or she is!


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