5 Interview Tips To Help You Get the Job

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Are you in the job-search process for life after the military? Use these five pointers to help you prepare for your next interview.

Research is Key for Finding a Job

Before you send any applications or schedule any interviews, find out everything you can about the company you want to work for. Research will help you provide specific, as opposed to general responses in your application and during the interview. In fact, the interviewer will be impressed when you quickly respond with facts and accurate information about their company. This information can typically be accessed on the company website.

Practice Makes Perfect

There is nothing worse than going into an interview cold Рthink of freezing, moments of awkward silence, staring at the wall. You should practice your responses and delivery as if you were sitting directly in front of the interviewer. “100 Potential Interview Questions” by Monster Staff Writer, Thad Peterson, is a great resource to help you practice. You’re sure to come across a couple of these questions in your next interview.

Take the Safe Route with Phones and

We all know that our phones can be a distraction. Employers are always watching and you do not want to be known as the candidate glued to your cell phone. Take the safe route and turn your phone off before you walk into the interview location. Not on vibrate…not on silent…OFF—unless, you want to take the chance of your phone accidentally ringing during your interview.

Social Networking Career Check

Clean and edit your pages before you send ONE resume. These days, the job market is so competitive that companies look for any reason to eliminate candidates, especially via the internet. Do not let that reckless picture or tweet—you know the one I’m talking about—get to your potential supervisor. Press delete without remorse knowing that you are increasing your opportunity to seize the position you desire.

Appearance Isn’t Everything BUT it Says Plenty

Before you even say a word, your visual presentation already spoke volumes. Attire, shoes, hairstyle/haircut, make-up and possibly your manicure will determine if an employer wants to hire you. It is important to know current styles and appropriate trends in today’s workforce. Appearance can even go as deep as strategically selecting the colors you wear when interviewing for a job. Make sure you are clean, groomed, presentable and appropriately dressed for the interview.

Be Confident vs. Arrogant

DO NOT go into a job interview assuming that you already have the position “in the bag.” Sometimes pride can invade our thoughts and, whether you know it or not, it affects our responses. It is okay to be confident, but include a little humility. You will save yourself disappointment in the long-run when the interviewer sees right through your “I’m the best you got” act and hires the tortoise instead of you—the hare.

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