5 Signs You Don’t Need Cable

Are you appalled by your cable bill? Are you back in the states after a long OCONUS tour? If you’re debating whether or not you should get cable or keep your current account, read these points and see if we can’t sway you to save some extra cash without sacrificing your favorite shows.¬†

You Record Everything And Wait More Than 24 Hours To Watch It.

If you can wait 24 hours to watch a show you recorded, then you can wait for it to go up online or on iTunes. Most major networks post their latest episodes right on their websites within 24 hours of original air date. Some networks wait one week. Regardless, being patient can save you money.

You Only Watch A Few Shows That You Can Get On iTunes Or Amazon

You can buy an entire NEW season subscription on iTunes or Amazon.com. Even if you only watch two television shows, you can buy the subscription to the seasons for the same amount that you would pay for one month of cable (depending on your package obviously). Get what you want, what you need, and save your money.

You Watch More On Demand Movies Than Live Cable.

If you are a sole movie watcher, then forget about cable and get your movies streamed on your TV using a playstation, Wii, XBox, or Apple TV.

You Don’t Watch The Local News.

If you really get desperate for the local stuff, go online – all the videos are posted there and they networks update their websites throughout the day meaning you’ll always get fresh news.

You Can Watch Everything You Love On Netflix.

Cable TV is FULL of syndicated shows on eternal re-run mode. If your argument for NOT cutting cable is that you like the vastness of choice available to you, remember that you can still get those old episodes of Full House and MASH on Netflix for $7.99 /month.

You Can Watch The Game At A Restaurant Or Bar.

Now you have a real excuse to go watch the game away from home and away from the kids. If you’re single and/or without kids you should be watching games elsewhere to socialize and meet new people. (If this saving money advice leads you to your next soul mate, you’re welcome).

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