A pleasant summer with Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Rec

Summer time is here and that means an abundance of time outdoors! ¬†Make the most of the weather and local environment without breaking the bank! ¬†Did you know that your base’s Outdoor Recreation department has equipment for rent? That‚Äôs right, there‚Äôs no need to save up to buy that kayak for just one weekend on the water. ¬†You can rent it instead! ¬†Take advantage of good equipment at discounted rates.

Maybe water sports doesn’t fill you with excitement‚Ķ check out the camping supplies instead. ¬†Outdoor Rec can put a tent over your head, a cooler on your tailgate and a lantern near your campfire. ¬†For those of you who may be quite familiar with Outdoor Rec, don’t forget that different bases/posts offer varying equipment. ¬†In some cases, you may find a better price at an Outdoor Rec at a neighboring installation.

Outdoor Rec can also help with your next party, by not only offering tables, chairs and canopies for rent but also other equipment like bounce houses and popcorn machines. ¬†This is a great option for big birthday parties and the holidays. ¬†Many of us are happy to open our homes during the holidays, but don’t have room for everyone. ¬†Make use of Outdoor Rec to rent what you need and brighten the holidays for those who are away from family.

Find your local Outdoor Recreation department on your base website or even on Facebook.  There you will see events scheduled:  like classes, guided tours, and other events where like-minded people come together.  Are you near a base that is located on water?  Many offer boating classes and certification and boat rental.  Utilizing Outdoor Rec, you can learn new skills, join other outdoor enthusiasts and get the gear.

Outdoor Rec professionals will be glad to assist you with local information and referrals.  Some locations also offer equipment maintenance services, Pro shops and convenient retail stores where you can pick up snacks, hunting or fishing supplies, camping gear and specialty clothing.

Around the world, Outdoor Rec maintains cabins, hunting areas, marinas, paintball fields, picnic sites, private beaches, riding stables and more. Many locations also offer RV and boat storage. Contact your local Outdoor Rec to discover the unique offerings near you.

ARMY:  http://www.armymwr.com/recleisure/outdoors/services.aspx

NAVY:  http://www.navymwr.org/

AIR FORCE:  http://www.myairforcelife.com/Outdoor/default.aspx

MARINE CORPS:  http://www.usmc-mccs.org/fitnessrec/

You can post your Outdoor Recreation activities and events on SargesList in our Local section for FREE!  Get started today!

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