April: The Month of the Military Child

Military Kids are April's heroes of the month!Photo Credit: sunshinesoulphotography.com for Operation Love Reunited

Military Kids are April’s heroes of the month!
Photo Credit: sunshinesoulphotography.com for Operation Love Reunited

Military families and those close to them are well aware of the unique struggles they face. However, it’s always heart-warming when time is set aside to recognize their sacrifices in such a way that civilians who may not know a military family well are invited to peer into the lifestyle and say “thank you.”

Everyone is familiar with beloved commemorative holidays such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day, but fewer people outside the inner military circle are aware that April is the Month of the Military Child and November is Military Family Month.

When the U.S. Department of Defense designated April as “Month of the Military Child,” they were sure to include with it special programs and support activities that are available to some of the 1.8 million military children and their families. April also serves to¬† educate those who are not familiar with the life of the military child.

Military children are true heroes of the American story. Throughout the years and many moves, they too have earned their stripes while their loved ones were away, working for our country. They are well known to be tough, flexible, giving and especially empathetic. We as a nation truly owe them many thanks, as they continuously loan us their most beloved and, heartbreakingly, don’t always get them back.

Check your local SargesList event listings to see if anything is going on in your area. Many organizations are hosting activities or initiating other special ways to tell a military child you care.

Can’t find anything? Maybe this is a good time to get involved with your local base and initiate some events. No time for that? At least consider taking some time out of your day to thank a military child. Then, let a few people know about April’s special significance to military families. Word of mouth can go a long way and we’re confidant in our SargesList community’s ability to make a difference through small ways. Our military kids deserve it and so much more.

Throughout April, we’ll be featuring several other posts that are relevant to topics about military children and families. We hope you and your hero military kids have a wonderful month!

Know of a local event? Please help out the cause and make a free listing in the Events Section on SargesList!

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