Are You Career-Ready for the Civilian World? Image Development Could Help You Get Hired!

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Make it the best with More 2 See Image Development.

So you‚Äôve gone through the military Transition Assistance Program and received advice on basic job-training skills. This program is great, but let’s face it – it leaves out one major aspect to getting hired in the civilian world – your civilian image! You and everyone else knows who you are in the military by your uniform and your stripes, but developing an image in the civilian world isn’t so standardized.

The information is great and TAP counselors sincerely want to help, but they lack the time and resources to help every single servicemember  with the personal attention that is required and deserved. After so many years in a structured environment, wearing the same uniform, and saying “Yes Ma’am” and “No Sir,” what happens after you leave the TAP career drill sessions and still feel lost? 

Hiring an Image Consultant

Image consulting and job coaching businesses, like More 2 See Image Development, focus on making your image civilian ready. You receive direct, one-on-one assistance with an expert that guides you through all of the resources available and helps you apply them to your life to REALLY get you career-ready in the civilian world.

More 2 See Image Development is a one-stop shop for image consulting and job coaching. They coach you through a mock interview, help you sort your personal and professional information and write your resume for you. More 2 See Image Development even helps you pick out the right clothes by going with you to retail stores to find the right interview attire! After being in uniform for so long, learning to shop for the right business attire is not something you should have to worry about Рyet it is something you NEED to get right the first time.

Bottom line: You DO NOT have to transition alone. Give image consulting or job coaching a try in your area and see if it works for your needs.

More 2 See Image Development Captures the Elite in You

Candace Moore – CEO M2C


If you have any questions about job training skills, personal challenges or how image consulting can help you or your spouse, send an email  to Candace Moore at: or fill out this contact form.

To learn more about Candace Moore, visit the More  M2C website, check out the More 2 See Image Development LLC Facebook page and get special transition updates on Twitter: @m2cimagedev


Until next time, prepare yourself for change today and get ready to capture the elite in your new civilian you!


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