Are You Ready for Flag Day?

By Nicole Leech, Military Spouse

ready for flag day?On the heels of Memorial Day, this time of year brings BBQ’s and flip-flops, warm weather and fun.  It also arouses our patriotic spirit.  Memorial Day, Flag Day and the Fourth of July Holidays bring the flag décor out at all the stores.  But before you raise your flag, do you really know the rules of engagement?

Flag Day is always June 14th.  It is a day for all Americans to show respect for our flag.  Along with the Eagle, Uncle Sam, and the Liberty bell, the flag is a symbol of our country and freedom.  It stands proudly on the moon.  It waves happily at arenas above ballgames.  It rose above the ashes of the World Trade Center. It lies gratefully over caskets of fallen soldiers.

Our flag stirs pride and honor in our hearts.  This Flag Day let us take time to honor the flag with proper display and regard.

Proper Display of our Flag:

  • It is flown from sunrise to sunset.
  • It should not be flown at night without a light.
  • It should not be flown in inclement weather.
  • The flag is flown at half-staff for tragedies or death. It is called half-staff on land, and half-mast at sea.
  • All state and other flags should be flown below the American flag.
  • On a pole the ‚ÄòUnion‚Äô or stars on blue, should be at the top.¬† If flown flat, as if from a window the ‚ÄòUnion‚Äô is on the upper left.
  • The flag should never touch the ground.
  • Torn or faded flags should be retired.

There is a special ceremony when retiring old, faded or torn flags.  Your local VFW at, American Legion, or local Boy Scout organization will gladly accept your retired flags and perform the ceremony.  Use the links to find contact information in your local area.

Enjoy our national holidays.  Feel the pride for our freedoms and those who serve and have served.  Fly our flag with respect.  We at SargesList are thankful for all our military members, families and veterans.  We fly our flag proudly in your honor.  We are grateful for all you have given and will continue to give to protect our country.

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