Armed veterans searching America’s most dangerous neighborhoods for Pokemon


(This is completely satirical post written only for entertainment)

Veterans seeking a new thrill have donned their old armor and taken to the nation’s most dangerous neighborhoods in search of the ultimate prey- Pokemon.

Scouring the seediest sectors of major metropolitan areas that suburban children and adults avoid at all costs, former servicemembers have  taken to the seedy no-man’s lands to collect Pokemon with the popular new game Pokemon Go.

“My wife bitched that I didn’t spend enough time with my kid and that I spent too much time prepping,” said Dwayne Hicks of Germantown, Tennessee. “So I take my son into Memphis every weekend to, you know… capture Pokemon and stuff.”

However, Hicks’ wife Monica Weston-Hicks is starting to regret the suggestion.

“I thought they’d just be cruising the neighborhood for Pikachus or whatever,” she said. “Now my son’s talking gibberish about bug-out bags and whatever a “HVT” is.”

Not all Pokevets -the new name given to the shadowy and MOLLE-clad subcommunity- roll with young children in tow. Some seek out what is being referred to as the “lone wolf” adventure.

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