Back to Basics- Can the bleach before it cans you!

bleach alternative“MilSpouse”- we’ve heard the term.  What it never quite conveys is that the MilSpouse holds a job of not only whatever work he/she may do outside of the home, but often is also the head zookeeper of the house,  repairman, mechanic,  housekeeper, administrative assistant, detective scouting out that missing patrol cap and every other role you can imagine.  Here’s one thing that doesn’t have to continue to be a despised chore on your diverse to-do list!

Okay, I’m a self-proclaimed clean freak who is a bit ‘crunchy’ when it comes to what I use in my house.  That being said, I still LOVE (we are talking adore and maybe even dance after use) the instant cleaning power of bleach.  It burns my nose, makes me cough and open all the windows, have disdain for the funky feeling it leaves on my hands (yes, I never have cleaning gloves and my hands are ugly proof of that) and all, but I still loved using it only for the outcome.  That was until I discovered how to make my own bleach substitute, equally as effective without equally hazardous chemicals (and doesn’t break the bank to make it).   Added bonus- I can store it in the closet with no concern about it being too close to the vinegar!

Grab your empty unused spray bottle!  Add to it 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide (yes, the brown bottle stuff as the kids call it in our house), 2 Tbsp of lemon juice, 10 drops of essential oil (I use grapefruit or lemon in mine) and add about 2 cups of tap water.  Since hydrogen peroxide should be stored in a dark bottle to prevent light absorption, you can get creative on your bottling!  I’ve seen everything from painting the spray bottle with leftover paint samples to wrapping it with a brown lunch bag to taping excess shelf liner around the bottle.  How about donning some festive holiday wrapping paper?

Any way you choose, you are now armed with some serious cleaning power… and can breathe easy while using it!

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