Back to Basics: Fall Cleaning

Fall will soon be upon us and as we sip on our favorite pumpkin spice lattes and watch the leaves change, plan to give your house a good thorough cleaning before windows and doors are latching down tight for the impending winter.  Before you go pulling out half a closet’s worth of cleaning supplies, let’s get back to basics!

Dust & Polish

After giving everything a good dusting, I like to polish all the wood furniture.  Skip the aerosol sprays and single wipe containers.  Here’s an easy polish that will not only be good for the wood, but smells great too!

You will need:

-          1 lemon

-          1 Tbsp. olive oil

-          1 Tbsp. water

-          Small mason jar

Cut lemon in half.  Squeeze juice into a small mason jar.  Add the water and olive oil.  Close lid securely and shake for about a minute.  Dab a cloth into the mixture and then polish wood with cloth.  Discard any leftover polish after each use.

Homemade Cleaning Spray

I have shared with you before the wonders of cleaning with vinegar.  I want a clean house, first and foremost, but I want it to smell nice too.  Some days the vinegar is a little much for me.  So, I found a great way to freshen up the cleaner without sacrificing efficacy.  Here’s a simple and pleasing general cleaner spray.

You will need:

Р        White vinegar

Р        Peels from at least 2 oranges or 3 lemons (yes, you can use the lemon peels left over from the wood polish)

-          A few sprigs of basil

-          A large mason jar

Place the peels and basil into the mason jar.  Add vinegar to fill the jar.  Tighten lid and let it sit at room temperature for at least one week.  Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and add water to fill. From there, happy spraying!

 DIY Toilet Bowl Fizzies

Lastly, let’s talk about the dreaded toilet cleaning.  You can make these toilet fizzies ahead of time and store them in an airtight jar (ahem…mason jars work great for this) for easy retrieval when it’s time to scrub the bowl.

You will need:

-          Essential oil (approx. 20 drops of your favorite clean smell)

-          1 c. baking soda

-          ¼ c. citric acid

-          ½ tsp. vinegar

-          1 Tbsp. hydrogen peroxide

In a medium bowl, mix the vinegar, essential oils and peroxide.  Set aside.  In a large bowl, mix baking soda and citric acid.  Slowly (sloooowwwlly or you will have a volcano), add the vinegar mix to the baking soda mix.  Combine thoroughly with a fork.  Using a ½ tsp. measuring spoon as a mold, pack the mix into the mold and drop on a lined cookie sheet (I use wax paper for this).  Let the molds harden overnight and then transfer the fizzies to the airtight jar.  When cleaning is calling, drop one fizzie into the toilet and scrub away!

Happy cleaning and stay tuned to SargesList Blog for more easy natural recipes!

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