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Nichole asks:
Hi everyone. My husband found out today that he is able to re-enlist and we want to go to another post. We are currently on Ft. Benning and he has already been to Fort Bliss. We would like people’s opinions on other posts. About housing (on and off post), the area, the deployments. Any and everything you can offer. And opinions on more than just Germany and Hawaii. Thank you!
    • Alexander K Avoid FT Riley like your life depended on it.  

      Amanda B well any post you go to, its what YOU make of it. personally we didnt like bragg at all. they dont care about their soldiers. the area is really ghetto. we just didnt like it. right now we are in hawaii. so far we like this a lot better. my husband gets more respect. granted, there is more drama between wives here, but its freaking hawaii. plus i love our house here, we live on post.  

      Robin D. ^^ Kirsch…. so true…AVOID it like the PLAGUE..haha

      Casey B. do not go to fort sill oklahoma horrible here nothing to do off post exspecially if you have kids..the on post housing is very nice but off post is crappy with crappy landlords i dont reccomend anyone asking to get stationed here..everyone ive met here feels the same way!

      Bonnie H. My husband’s first duty station was Ft. Campbell and he *loved* it there. We’ve been to Benning, Germany, and now we’re at Ft. Lewis. So far I absolutely love this area! The cost of living is kind of high but the BAH makes up for it. For what *we* needed, it was cheaper for us to buy then rent off post (but I don’t like living on post). Seattle is less then an hour from here (given people drive normal on the freeway) and Portland is about 2 hours south of here.

      Robin K. I love Fort Carson.

      Bri W. We have been at Fort Stewart, which is similar to Benning weather wise but it’s a much bigger post. We were there for 5yrs and it’s not bad. I just hated the weather and the bugs LoL Then we were at Rock Island Arsenal, IL for 2yrs. It is a support base so no deployments and mostly civilians that work there. My husband loved it and wants to go back. We are now at Fort Lewis, WA and so far I love it here. The weather isn’t as bad as some say, but I am a homebody anyway so it doesn’t bother me. The base is really big and the surrounding areas are great.

      Jes R. do not come to ft bragg.

      Mikaela C. We LOVED Colorado Springs, hated our unit at Ft. Carson. There are some great people there and some horrible people there but if you are a nature lover it’s worth some of the BS. Hiking, shopping, activities there are amazing! Plus MWR does really cool trips around the area at reasonable rates

      Dannie R. We hated Fort Huachuca when we were there but wish we could go back now. The housing there is BEAUTIFUL! We have a nice house here are bragg but have 3 kids and the houses for 2 kids or less are not very nice. Off post is nasty! I want to go to Irwin or Carson. What is his MOS? That makes a difference on where he can go.

      Bri W. Most of Fort Lewis is on deployment currently so when you get here he probably would not be deploying for a while. I have no experience with on post housing, however at Rock Island we did post leased housing (which is all off base) and it was nice not having to pay for utilities LoL We lived in both Hinesville and Savannah when we were at Fort Stewart and I much preferred Savannah even though it was a good 45 min drive. But when we were going there for shopping and to eat out all the time it was better for hubby to make the commute rather than the whole family. Here at Ft Lewis we live in Yelm which is a small community south of base. Pretty much everything is a 25-30 min drive but I love the community and the cost of housing is way cheaper here than right outside of base.  

      Mikaela C. Sidenote I grew up in Ft. Bragg and we live here now ( countdown til PCS!!) and it’s horrible here, there is nothing to do here and there are very few good areas. On post is trying to change but it’s still really outdated.

      Alexander K. Im stationed at Sill as well. I dont hate it here but I got assigned here. My unit is having its ups and downs, but every unit has that. All you gotta do is make the most of it. Robin and Avelino have had bad luck getting stuck in bad units though. I feel for them.

      Emilie M. Well I don’t know what his options are, but we went to Osan Air Base in South Korea (yes I know it’s AF but we’re Army and that’s where they sent us). We’ve been here for almost 3 years now. We spent the first 2 years off base in a high rise apartment tower that was about 2 miles from base and was easy to walk to. The off base apartments are very nice and large, much bigger than the on base ones. However, running the AC in the summer is a financial problem. Seriously. I always had trouble paying that along with the rest of our bills so by the time I was able to get enough money to pay it off, it equaled a month’s rent! Which is typically around $1,000. Our Korean neighbors were really nice and quiet and we never had any problems with them. If you have any kids, the school buses pick up right outside the complex.Now we live on base and while our apartment is smaller, we got free AC this summer and it was glorious. Osan is a walking base and you can literally get around to everything you would need to do on an everyday basis on base by walking. The BX (along with the Post Office, movie theater, library and Chili’s) is no more than 20 minutes away from my tower, the commissary and schools are right down the hill from me.There’s all sorts of trips offered all over Korea as well through ITT. I’ve had so much fun seeing things here and I’m so grateful that we got the opportunity to come here. 

      Before we came here we were at Ft Sill and while other people apparently have issues with the place, I was fine with it. We were only there for 9 months so I didn’t really learn much about the post. We lived off post in a brand new apartment complex which was quite lovely. It was right across the street from a trio of schools. There was a really awesome playground for my daughter. It had quick access to 2 gates to post. It had a nice “small” town feel to it without being a super small town. I’m from Houston so I’m used to millions of people and hours of traffic so I personally love smaller cities.

      Andrea H. We just came from Schofield Barracks, HI a few months ago. We loved it there. If you would like more info on the area, cost of living, or things to do for family or just you and your SO let me know.

      Heidi H. How is there NOTHING to do on FORT BRAGG are you serious? You live 2 hours from MYRTLE BEACH….too each is own I guess. 

      Lauren R. Ft. Carson is really nice. Cost of living is pretty high but the post housing isn’t bad. There’s tons of stuff to do indoors and out. Plus you’re close enough to Denver to have city day trips.

      Colleen R. Korea is cool. Cost of living is cheap. There is lots to see and do with or without children. Lots of history here. The landscape is beautiful. Mountains everywhere. Definitely a place to come at least once.  

      Bonnie H. We’re in Yelm as well 🙂 I don’t go on post unless I have to, which is rare. I don’t worry about the units because I’m not a soldier anymore. My husband is not one of the combat units so he’s not deploying (he hasn’t even been home long enough to deploy again anyway). Every unit/post has their issues, Ft. Lewis is not the only one with bad apples 😉

      Cassandra O. We are at fort Richardson / JBER Alaska. Over 4000 soldiers from here are deployed. It’s definitely an experience. It is an airborne unit. It’s what you make of it here, I’m not a huge fan yet because I’ve been pregnant the entire time weve been here so far and we got here in August, my husband deployed a few months later. It’s something you should look into though for the experience.

      Mikaela C. Heidi, coming here from Carson where everything is a 30 minute drive and free or cheap it was a shocker to readjust to 🙂 but you are correct the beaches are only 2 hrs away. 

      Robin G. I live in YELM also. Its pretty quiet as well out here. Its just some of the UNITS on FORT LEWIS that make it crappy to go to work on a daily basis….i feel for my husband, this post has no organization skills.

      Afton Lias-Reyher Fort Eustis, I babysat for a family that Was station√©d Th√©r√® before Bliss an they absolutely love it. Its in Virginia. Apg is good too, its about 40 Mins from Baltimore lots to do too. But remember it all d√©pends on what base has openings for your husbands MOS. They Will give him a list of what he can choose from.Lived at Ft Eustis… it’s ok close to east coast cities. 

    • Jenna S. Fort Carson is a good post¬†Tomeka Solomon I love Ft Lewis…Seattle is amazing and a few hours from Portland.

      Erin T. Avoid Fort Belvoir…. This place unless you love traffic it sucks… It has to be the worst military friendly post.. There are more civilians the military people it’s sad… I would go with Carson if you can. 🙂 good luck¬†

      Tracy S. Heidi u r sooooo right!!!! I am at Bragg and it is craziness! Soooo many restaurants, shopping. wilmington, Raleigh, and Charlotte r all with in 2.5 hours!! Better than being stuck in the middle of no where!!! Lol

      Tomeka S. We move to Ft Campbell in June and I hate it….complete snooze fest! 

      Leah K. We were in camp Zama Japan for 3 years and it was amazing you get into housing quick and the base is very family friendly. Also if you can get anything try for the outbid reach bases like the Netherlands or Belgium or fort Hamilton new York, or the base in miami, fort Buchanan. Puerto Rico you can go to Carson, Korea, or anywhere else the next duty station try for one of these and see if you can get it. I would go to any of them if I had a choice 

      Kerri W. Fort sill=misery been here almost 5yrs do not come here i say again do not come

      Briana M. If you like winter weather try fort drum. i love it. the surrounding areas have alot of things to do and they just built all new housing right outside the main gate. black river, outside drum is very nice. its a quiet town abd beautiful in the summer

      Tab M. We have been to Fort Hood, TX. Fort Benning, GA. Fort Carson, CO and now Fort Sill, OK…fort carson was my favorite, I loved it there. tons to do for families, kids, singles. always something going on…fort sill is the worst place ive been too. avoid it if u can. good luck.

      Rebecca R. ALASKA if you can! We were at Ft. Wainwright (Fairbanks) for 3 yrs..LOVED it. We’ve also been to Ft. Bragg, Ft. Jackson (I also grew up in Columbia) and currently Ft. Stewart…Ft. Carson this summer.¬†

      Dawn B. Fort Lewis, JBLM is awesome. There is tons to do and you are so close to Oregon, California, Canada……I love it here and don’t want to leave 🙂

      Roxann M. We have been to Ft. Campbell TN/KY border, Fort Leonard Wood MO., Schofield Barracks HI, and now at Fort Stewart Ga. I learned to make the best out of wherever we were. Always looked up things to do in the state we lived in. My kids were born 11 months apart in 2004 so doing different things was limited in MO,but as they got older the trips did get easier and more fun. You really have to have an open mind wherever you are stationed with your husband. Yes wives can be catty and conniving. There are always some bad soldiers doing bad things. Being a military spouse for almost ten years, and I have to say to each is own when it comes to boredom and letting everything irritate you where you live. Staying cooped up in your house and never taking the bull by the horns can be rather boring and make the time go by very slow during a 12 month deployment. If you are the outdoorsy type then look into the Outdoor Rec centers or reasonable travel options for the entire family. If you are more of a indoor person then look into classes offered such as quilt sewing, cooking, scrapbook making etc. For the active exercise guy or gal look into the gym on the post some cardio classes could be free. for people with children Look into playgroups for kids, and the Skies Program which every post has. There is also a EDGE program for children 6 yrs and up. If You a more self reserved and the quiet just want me time type of person look into bookclubs, or get crafty in your own home invite some friends over and host a craft making party the possibilities are endless! I know some spouses are deathly afraid to step out of their little box and meet people they think could end up being their worst nightmare, but then again you could meet a friend who may need your friendship as much as you do. If you are the type of person who thinks they need a 100 new besties at each post that is not healthy! If you are a person who thinks you do not need any friends is unhealthy! Positive thinking is however healthy 😉 there is always something to do if you just look. Every state we move to has their THINGS TO DO in whatever state you live in at the time BOOK, catalog etc. ranging from FREE to ” I NEED TO SAVE FOR THAT” events. Ok so my long little rant is over an I hope and pray I helped someone in some way. God Bless all my fellow Military Spouses out there may you all find something new to brighten your day while your loved one either is deployed or has to work all day. Oh yeah! I realize some of us work so plan a weekend trip, event or when you have time off.

      Jessica K. I was bothered by the negative comment about AIT students. I live currently on Fort Gordon, which is a big training base, and we have tons of AIT students. I spent some time working at the PX, and my husband is an instructor and I’ll tell you, I’d rather be around AIT students then anyone else. Their enthusiasm and high spirits make this base a better place to live.

      Anna N. We were stationed in Germany on 2 separate occasion. Our 1st stateside exp. was APG and I loved it. Hubby is from PA so it was nice for him to visit friends & family. Baltimore & D.C. are close. We would even head down to Ft Eustis a few 4-day wkend to visit his best bud.

      However, I would NEVER EVER live on post again.

      Germany is great. Most ppl opt to place younger children in German school b/c it is cheaper than daycare on post.

      Oh, forgot to mention Space-A accessiblity is readily avail in the MD area. Others close by are Dover AFB & Ft MacGuire/ Dix

      Raven M. Run from Fort Belvoir, VA! I could write a short story of why but I’m sure I would still leave something out. But be prepared for this @ least…Your automobile insurance premium will sky rocket here! We are hoping & praying we are out of here soon. Most of the housing is newer & nice but that doesn’t matter much if you are afraid to go outside of it. Homicides, kidnapping, rapes u name it! The people here for the most part don’t speak any or very little english either so were ready to get back to normal lives asap. Traffic here is a nightmare! When we lived off the installation we only lived 14 miles away & most nights it took my husband right at 3 hrs to get home & when he wasn’t even released til almost 2000 hrs it made for a very stressful marriage. Good luck wherever you go!

      Mindy H. We were at Ft. Campbell for 11 years and we loved it! Now we are at Ft. Stewart and we both really dislike it a lot! I would give anything to go back to Ft. Campbell.

    • Teri T I’m at our first post on Fort Carson… The weather is great and there is alot to do anytime of the year. I’ve heard bad and good about the units, but my hubs is pretty happy with his. Housing is ok on post, but you can find reasonable housing off post. Good Luck! 


  1. Love Bragg, 2 hours from beach, 4 hours from Savannah, 2 hours from mountains, Carson hate it, cold long winter, windy, bring extra moisturizer and chap stick, rude people, and cost of dependent dental care triple compared to Bragg and you can drive 4 hours in all directions and it still looks the same or worst, mountains are nice in the summer, but gets old even for the outdoors family, 4th ID Low speed, high drag, base is still lacking and needs much improvements. Watch out for the tumble weeds and the toothless cowboys some serious hillbillies here, Best day is Colorado Springs was when I got to PCS back to Bragg.

  2. Jennifer K says:

    I agree with Roxann M and Amanda B. Anywhere you go, it is up to you to make the most of it. Take advantage of all the free programs on post, get to know you neighbors (good and not so good), spouses\’ clubs, and your FRG/Unit. Get out and off post, learn about the place you live, the people, culture and history. We\’ve been in the Army over 20 years and I would not change a thing or a place that we have been. We\’ve lived at Ft. Ord, CA; Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA; Bamberg, Germany; Ft. Lewis, WA; Ft. Leavenworth, KS,\\; Ft. Campbell, KY and Schofield Barracks, HI. All of them have something good to offer.
    Deployments are something we have all come to expect. This all depends on your husband\’s unit and the command climate. That is why I say get involved with the FRG.
    In regards to housing, Schofield is the only place we have lived on post, it is very nice. Places with higher costs of living, it is an advantage to live on post. But beware, they have started utility payment programs on most if not all posts.
    Do you have children? If yes, then that is a whole different consideration when you have to think about schools. Don\’t just go off rumors, really do your research when it comes to the schools.
    When you know where you are going, post again.

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