Best Travel Bags for Overnight Trips to Vacation

Whether you’re packing for a weekend Halloween party or going for the full two weeks of Christmas to New Years Day, packing is unavoidable. Here are top bags to help you decide whether you will go the minimalist route, or be prepared for anything.

Keep Your Wallet Close

And your important documents even closer. With the Black Neck ID Holder you can stop double checking your pockets every time someone brushes up against you. Years of travelling in and out of cities, states, countries, and deployments don’t make you paranoid, they make you safer and a better traveler.


Take What You Need…And That’s It.

For travellers that know where they are going, know that they can get what they need at their destination in case they forget something, and don’t want to check a bag, the Three Day Stretch Pack is the answer. Take just what you need and come back with just what you took. For the extra minimalist, take a garment bag with 2-3 changes of clothes and a pair of shoes. Buy your toiletries at your destination, and you’re good to go.


No Item (Ever) Left Behind

There are inevitably those of us that cannot chance that we will need everything we have in case there is a zombie apocolypse. Then of course there are those of us with families that never let us leave JUST with what we brought. There is a solution to overpreparedness, and incessant family gifts. It is called the Black “MOJO” Loadout Bag By Voodoo Tactical. With this bag, no item will ever get left behind – unless you forget to put it inside…in that case, you are on your own.


Just in case pack

You know what you want to take, but also know that sometimes you might bring back a little extra. Or maybe you don’t want to mix your laundry with your clean clothes and you don’t want to use a plastic grocery bag.




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