Big Ideas Come from Small Companies like SargesList

SargesList’s mission is to prevent unnecessary hardship for those who serve in our U.S. Armed Forces and their families.

On June 21st, 2012 SargesList won second place winner in the Web and IT Category at the Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge! 

SargesList CEO, Lisa Klinkhammer’s six minute pitch showcased the website’s innovative qualities and ability to revolutionize the industry.¬†SargesList uses technology to provide solutions that fill voids for those living the challenging military lifestyle.

SargesList’s innovative strategies and mission to help military servicemembers and their families beat out 12 other finalists in the category.¬†Event judges selected SargesList and other finalists to compete based on their entrepreneurial promise, innovation and potential to be a global “game-changer.”

“The Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge results are a solid reaffirmation that we’re on the right track. We’re helping put money back into our military members pockets in addition to helping spouses find jobs, homes and more, everywhere they get stationed. Our Veteran owners like knowing they are giving back to their military community in a big way.”

The convention was organized by Sierra Nevada North State to show the world that big problem solving companies¬†don’t have to come from high tech areas like Silicon Valley or Boston.¬†The companies also had to be located in rural areas of California.

Judges for the challenge included venture capitalists, corporate executives, professors, a radio personality and an author. They found SargesList to be a promising technology company with a worthwhile mission: to prevent unnecessary hardship for those who serve in our U.S. Armed Forces.

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