Boost your biz with Pinterest

Pinterest_Logo_RedHaving lackluster sales and poor engagement with readers is something everyone marketing on the internet is constantly battling.  There are literally thousands of websites out there devoted to helping you market more creatively, increase engagement and retention, advance your brand and they all come with a price tag attached. But there are creative ways you can use the mostly free resources out there to help grab the attention of your potential future clients.

Pinterest is a popular tool that allows users to organize and share anything that sparks their interest on the web. This makes it a great resource for home decorating ideas, remodel ideas, organization ideas, luxury home photos etc. Everything is presented in pictures, hence the name, making this a great visual tool to present ideas for people to try in their own homes. As a real estate agent you can create your own account and start filling your pinboards with all of the great ideas that you find that inspire or educate buyers and sellers. Pinterest is already chock full of ideas, so it won’t take much effort to get your own pinboards started, and your clients will love the interesting and inspiring ideas.

Not only can you inspire your readers, but you can post listings, open houses, sales and infographics to help your future and current clients with buying, selling or maintaining their home. Do you specialize in a particular area? Are you an expert? Create a board that shows off your expertise.

Pinterest makes it easy for your website readers to discover you by providing a “Pin It” or “Follow Me” button for your website. ¬†Blog posts can include either of these buttons and readers who enjoy what you have to offer will “re-pin” your ideas and work, spreading the word for you.

When you place your listings on SargesList, be sure to include your link to your Pinterest page to gain more followers and more “pins”.

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