Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Sarge loves Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Sarge loves Take Your Dog to Work Day!

As a dog-friendly company (woof!), we’re big fans of Take Your Dog To Work Day.

Since many of the people working SargesList team are lucky enough to work from their homes, they get the pleasure of working alongside us dogs each and every day. For those of you who aren’t so fortunate, here’s the scoop on one of my favorite days of the year.

On TYDTWD, dog owners (in some work locations) are encouraged to bring their pets to their place of work. The “holiday” was established in 1999¬† as a way to both celebrate the¬† special place dogs have in people’s lives as well as to raise awareness for dog adoption from shelters.

Some business the choose to participate also partner with local pet services and shelters/rescues to educate their employees and customers.

Obviously, it’s important to ask your employer if it’s okay to bring a dog to work and not all places are appropriate for dogs to spend their time, and not all dogs will do well in work situations, but encouraging participation is a great start. If you can’t manage it this year, maybe now’s the time to work on your boss for 2014.

If you do get a shot at taking your best friend to work, please remember water and treats and a few more tips to ensure you’re being considerate to your coworkers.

We love the pet adoption angle at SargesList. It’s a cause we take seriously and we are always on the lookout for ways to help our homeless friends.

Enjoy your dog – today and every day!








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