Catching a Break as a Solo-Parent

Photo Credit: Toby Keathley Photography

Photo Credit: Toby Keathley Photography

As a month filled with holidays celebrating the military, many of us have had the opportunity to thank a military spouse or an important mother in our lives. Hopefully, if you are a military spouse or Mom, you’ve also had someone show you how incredibly important and special you are in your community and, of course, in your very own family.

However, if you happen to be solo-parenting for now, we also hope (at the very least) you’re also getting a break every once and a while.

Solo-parenting kids while your spouse is gone is an all-consuming, taxing, difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible task! While there are a great many services and programs available to help you both mentally and physically, nothing can truly take the place of your spouse physically pitching in.

Even the strongest among us needs a break every now and then. One government-sponsored program that many military families take advantage of is the free Sittercity Military Program, which can help you find babysitters, nannies, pet sitters, housekeepers, and tutors to help you manage your household and retain your sanity.

You can active your free membership at

With the Sittercity membership covered, it will be easier for you to search for caregivers with specific training, credentials, time availability. You can also view salary requirements and contact the sitter via the site to ensure the help you hire will fit into your budget. Additionally, Sittercity provides thorough reviews and references so you can be assured the person you are inviting into your home is a safe, quality individual.

Learn how to use the Sittercity Military Program.

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