Charity Highlight: EOD Warrior Foundation

EOD MemorialThe first Saturday of May marks the annual EOD Memorial Ceremony at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.  The EOD Memorial was constructed at its current site in 1999 to honor the Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians who died carrying out their missions.  Our EOD warriors are tactical and technical explosive experts.  The danger associated with these “bomb disposal” teams is great, for those men and women called to duty put their life on the line for the protection of many.

The memorial contains bronze tablets inscribed with the names of those who gave their life, going back to the creation of EOD during World War II.  The Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy warriors are represented along four cenotaphs, one for each branch of service.  The EOD Warrior Foundation is responsible for maintenance of the memorial through donations.

The foundation also provides assistance to EOD warriors and their families in the form of educational opportunities, morale events and financial support.  To assist in tuition and books for the education of EOD qualified family members, scholarships are available.  Emergency financial relief may be awarded to EOD personnel and their families in the form of grants, upon acceptance of an application for an initial or follow up grant.  The EOD Warrior Foundation also works to assist the inpatient wounded by providing internet access and associated devices so our brave warriors can connect with geographically distant loved ones as they recuperate.  Additionally, support is available through mentoring, warrior retreats, outreach activities and preparedness assistance for those entering the civilian job force.

To assist the EOD Warrior Foundation by donating, please visit them at:

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