Count Down to PCS

PCS season is right around the corner and we hope these tips will help get you started!

1. Research the Area!

There are many ways to research the your new home!  MilitaryDutyStations is a great resource for finding key phone numbers, school information, Tricare, and housing office locations.  Many military families also leave reviews/feedback about the base they are currently at as well!  A great place to find personalized base information without spending hours on searching the internet!

Outprocessing Briefing2. Attend PCS Briefings!

PCS briefings are a great place to start!  Each family readiness center offers such briefings to provide families with the tools they need to ensure the PCS is smooth and uncomplicated.  At a PCS briefing, you will learn information such as childcare during a PCS, transportation, services offered by the base, and a checklist of items needed to out process.

3. Do You Have a Sponsor?

Yes, your spouse is your “sponsor” but did you know that the new unit your spouse is moving to offers sponsors as well?¬† This sponsor provides you a connection to the base!¬† They can provide you with information about the unit and moving to the area, as well as give you tips on the best places to live!

4. Check out the 2014 PCS Guide!

The 2014 PCS Guide is a great place to start! Don’t miss out on what’s been hailed as the best moving guide of its kind by the military community. It’s packed with information about moving, organizational charts and so much more.


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