Eight Skype and Facetime Date Ideas for Separated Couples

With a little planning, video chat dates can be romantic!

With a little planning, video chat dates can be romantic!

If you’re one of many spouses or significant others of a deployed service member, you’re likely trying to think of ways to make the most out of missing your other half. If you didn’t see our guest blogger’s post about Dates In a Box, that’s a great place to start!

If you’re too late to send out a Valentine’s Day Package, you can still count yourself among the lucky ones if you’ll get the chance to chat via the internet with your loved one on Valentine’s Day – or any day!

We know that some of you are likely not completely comfortable with romance via Skype or Facetime, so we put together a few ideas to help you enhance your Valentine’s Day conversation.

 Eight Unique and Romantic Skype/Facetime Ideas

Take a Walk: If your smart phone or other electronic gadget gives you the benefit of chatting on the run, you could consider taking a little walk with your significant other. You could take a nature walk, a simple stroll around the neighborhood, the zoo, or even do some historical research and give a tour of neat buildings and historical sights.

Go Out to Dinner: If you’re fairly certain you can find a quiet, private place to eat, you can sit in a restaurant and have dinner with your loved one. This probably won’t work very well at the trendiest place in town at dinner time, but a corner booth for a late breakfast in a quiet diner can be very sweet and memorable. This is even better if you can manage to send a similar type of meal in your Boxed Date.

Watch a Movie Together: Consider sending a movie or TV series you both enjoy in your next care package. Then, you can make dates to sync up your movies and have a movie date. Choosing shows or movies that encourage some interaction or laughter are great and many spouses find humorous choices are better than dramas or action movies (unless that’s your thing as a couple!)

Play a Game:  Keep things fun by playing a game like Scrabble or a crossword – you can play online or just utilize two decks of cards and trust your loved to resist the urge to cheat!

Bedtime Stories: Another unusual idea for the creative couple involves harnessing your inner child and telling stories to one another, like kids around a campfire.

Plan a Trip: One of the best past times many couples enjoy through deployments include brainstorming ideas and planning for future trips and getaways. It’s a great way to take your mind off your current situation and paint a good picture for the future.

Book Club: Send your loved one a book you’ve been dying to read and read in sync. Then, use existing or discussion questions or task one another with writing new ones to stimulate good conversation.

Create a Playlist: Send your loved one a playlist and then listen to it together, explaining the meaning behind each song.

No matter where your spouse or significant other is in the world right now, SargesList wises you a very happy Valentine’s Day and we hope it’s the best it can be regardless of the circumstances. Start planning now and connect with us on Facebook to tell us how it went!

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