Enjoy a Worry-Free Night Out

Military Formals take a lot of preparation, but can be extremely rewarding to attend.

Military Formals take a lot of preparation, but can be extremely rewarding to attend.

Headed Out in Style?

Military formal events take a great deal of preparation if you want to pull off attendance without a hitch. Of course, there’s the outfit and physical preparations and the associated costs to consider. You also have to consider etiquette, be prepared to socialize with your spouse’s coworkers, and overcome any feelings of anxiety you may have over being a part of such a formal event.

One thing that can be particularly challenging about these events is organizing child care, especially if you intend on staying for the whole event, which often stretch into the wee hours of the morning. In military communities, this can also mean any sitters you share among your friends will be either already be taken or other parents will be attempting to recruit them. It’s truly first-come, first-serve!

The Value of Trust

Being able to trust the person taking care of your child is more important than ever, as they may be responsible for bed time routines, taking odd hours, or even sleeping over if you’ll be home the next morning or very late. And, not to mention, if you’re going through the motions to prepare yourselves, you may as well have a great time and not fret about the happiness, or more importantly, the safety of your children.

If your first choice of sitters are available, that’s great! If you find yourself needing to interview someone new, the DoD-funded, Sittercity Military Program should be your first choice.

Sittercity’s DoD-funded military program makes searching for childcare (or pet care if your children are the furry variety!) much easier. To use the service, simply register at www.sittercity.com/DoD. Once you have activated your fully paid membership, you have access to their safe, secure, nationwide database of local nannies, babysitters, housekeepers, tutors, pet sitters and more.

You’ll be able to get out of the house with complete peace of mind and enjoy your evening out celebrating in style.

Sitter Cancelled?

Don’t panic!

If you find yourself in a bind, you can always post last-minute jobs on Sittercitytoo. You’ll be able to quickly find someone who is reliable, reviewed and even background checked.






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