Facing Tax Time with a Deployed Spouse

April 15 is rapidly approaching!

April 15 is rapidly approaching!

Tuesday, April 15 is less than a week away! We probably don’t need to remind you the deadline for filing your taxes is rapidly approaching.

Dealing with taxes is likely the last thing you want to manage if you’re the spouse of a deployed service member. If their affairs are less than organized or you have questions, you might feel overwhelmed and lost. Let us assure you – you can do this! With a little bit of guidance (and the help of a professional if you’re really unsure) on few special military provisions, you’ll be well on your way to a refund (hopefully!)

Although those of us you who are yet to finish and file taxes are rightfully shaking in your boots, if you’re the spouse of a deployed service member, extensions may apply to you.

Four Tips from Military One Source:

Extensions: Combat Zones and Hazardous Duty

  • Extension of 180 days after service member’s last day in the combat zone or hazardous duty area: If you spouse is serving in a combat zone or in direct support of those in the combat zones (this is a “yes” if they receive hostile fire or imminent danger pay.), they qualify for the 180 day extension plus the number of days remaining in the filing period (January 1-April 15) from the day they entered hazardous duty.
  • Extensions for injuries as a result of serving in a combat zone or a hazardous duty area: 180 Days after discharge from a hospital.

Find more Information about notifying the IRS of combat zone deployments at Military One Source.

Basics for Military Taxes

What must be declared as income on a service member’s tax return?

The following types of pay are considered income and must be reported as such on their 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ forms:

  • Diving Pay
  • Proficiency Pay
  • Foreign Duty Pay
  • Responsibility Pay
  • Continuation Pay
  • Enlistment Bonus
  • Re-enlistment Bonus
  • Separation Pay
  • Sea Duty Pay
  • Imminent Danger Pay
  • Hostile Fire Pay
  • Flight Duty Pay
  • Medical/Dental Officer Pay
  • Aviation Career Incentive Pay
  • Veterinary Officer Pay
  • Nuclear Qualified Officer Pay
  • Personal Money Allowance
  • Overseas Extension Bonus
  • Accrued Leave Payment
  • Armed Forces Health Profession Scholarships

The following do not need to be claimed as income:

  • Basic Allowance of Housing
  • Other Quarters Allowances
  • Overseas Housing Allowance
  • Basic Allowance of Subsistence
  • ROTC Educational and Subsistence Allowances
  • Moving Storage
  • Dislocation Allowances
  • Trailer Allowances
  • Family Allowances
  • Defense Counseling
  • Uniforms (In Kind or Allowances)
  • Professional Education
  • Interment Allowance
  • Death Allowance
  • Evacuation Allowance
  • Group Term Life Insurance
  • Congressional Medal of Honor Pension
  • Medical Benefits
  • Survivor and Retirement Protection
  • Plan Premiums Deducted from Military Pay
  • Veterans Benefits

Questions? Check the IRS’ page for Military and Combat Zone Provisions¬¨‚Ć


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