Fall Declutter Frenzy

Linen ClosetSo you have started the Fall cleaning around the house, but what to do with all the extra stuff you may have accumulated during the year?!?!?  With a little planning, you can have the house, garage, shed and yard decluttered like a professional!  Pick one room at a time or you’ll find yourself going between rooms with 15 mini-projects underway and no resolve to any of them.  Yes, I keep learning this the hard way!  Working on a room per day can make a big difference in a short time.

Start with the smallest areas first, like the linen closet.  That initial victory of getting one closet cleaned out can give you the drive to tackle the rest of it!  Start with one shelf or corner at a time.  Take everything out for a wipe down, dust off and review of its place in your home.  If it needs to stay, so be it, but neatly.  Keep what you use most often more readily accessible and grouped with like items.  Pillow cases on the shelf in between towels drives me nuts…my husband can attest to this.  Keep all the sheets in one spot and towels in another.  A good trick I learned years ago was to stack matching fitted and flat sheets neatly together and then place them inside the matching pillow case, folded over cleanly.  This saves you from pulling the closet apart to find all parts to the set.  I’ll confess, my shopping habit is sheets.  I love the different colors, types and patterns.  This year, I’m scaling back to a max of two sets for each bed of the house…period.  Use baskets to neatly contain some of the smaller items and to avoid the landslide of bottles when you are reaching for the travel sizes tucked away in the back.

Make separate piles for trash, donation and sale.  I don’t enjoy clutter around my house.  That being said, I truly enjoy big clean outs in the house.  Seeing areas neatly organized with 1/3 of the contents removed for good gives me a lot of Declutter donationsatisfaction.  I grew up in a “waste not, want not” household so tossing things is not in my blood.   Instead, if I cannot repurpose the item myself, I love to find a new home for it.  Have you ever reached out to your Lending Closet?  If so, consider donating a few of your extra items to replenish the supply there (How many mixing bowls do you keep tucked away that never see the light of day after you got that new set?).  This is a great way to help out the incoming and outbound families who are without their HHG.

Sure, I like to have our semi-annual yard sale to get rid of the extra clutter around here (like the grass edger we just had to have but never used) but there’s got to be a better way than sitting outside for hours hoping people with rummage through your items and leave you with a little cash for them.  Hop on SargesList and list your items for free!  If you missed our how-to on posting a listing or just need a little refresher, take a Post a Free Ad To Sell Your Stufflook at our previous article.  Remember, SargesList classifieds is a great spot to seek out items for sale as well!  You may even find the perfect linen closet basket sorters there!

When it comes to storage space, many of us cringe.  This is the place old holiday decorations go to die alongside a mostly used can of paint from 2 years ago.  Don’t let this be a daunting task!  Sort through your holiday décor, plan what you want to keep and sell or donate the rest.  Your trash here may be someone else’s DIY upcycle treasure!  As for other items than may need special disposal, check with your installation or community recycling program.  Some items, such as paint, may be donated to local art programs.   Tires may be a hot commodity for some fitness groups.  Meanwhile, other items may really be ready to reside at the recycling center.  Happy decluttering!

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