Fall is the season to sell your home!

Most experts have claimed that Summer is the best time to sell your home, however we think Fall is being over-looked and have scoured the web to find you the resources to put your best Fall-face forward Рon your house, that is.  Fall allows you to display your home in a unique way Рcomfy and cozy, with delicious sights and scents sure to delight anyone coming to view your property.  Read on for our favorite tips for selling your home in the Fall season.


If you have researched the best ways to prep your home for a showing, you know that decluttering is first on the list. ¬†But during the Fall season, this extends to outdoors as well. ¬†Cooler temps make outdoor cleanup pleasant and make your “curb appeal” that much more appealing.

  • fall-cleaning-outdoors-360x240Keep leaves at bay – they are falling, they are beautiful, but potential buyers may see a mess. ¬†Gutters, yards, walk-ways and drive-ways should always be kept as leaf-free as possible.
  • Power wash the exterior of your home, including concrete and brick to remove any unsightly dirt or mildew. ¬†Repaint areas as needed.
  • That beautiful tree in your yard could be a potential hazard, so be sure to check for any dead or diseased limbs or any that are showing signs of stress. A falling limb during a showing could be dangerous.
  • Rain, and in some areas, ice/snow could track in a lot of dirt and mud, so be sure to keep walkways as clean as possible and have a good, absorbent doormat to keep the outside dirt where it belongs.th (1)
  • Wipe down windows, using a streak-free cleaner and microfiber or newspaper.
  • If your home offers a fireplace, remove old ashes and vacuum the hearth and surrounding areas well. ¬†In place of a fire, a candelabra lit with unscented candles provides a beautiful and inviting scene.
  • Patio furniture should be cleaned and left setup as long as possible to help potential buyers envision what they have to look forward to in warmer weather. ¬†Be sure your deck or patio is clean and inviting.
  • Trim bushes and be sure to clear away any left-over summer flowers. ¬†Potted plants with seasonal plants can be set out to add pops of color. ¬†Be sure to remove dead or dying blooms and bring in for frosts. ¬†Adding a fresh layer of cedar chips will provide a natural pest and weed deterrent, protecting bulbs under ground from winter damage and provide a pleasant view.


Many of the same tips that you would use for showing your home during Spring and Summer, also apply to Fall, you just need to get a little creative.

  • Lighting – you want as much natural light as possible, so be sure you have those windows washed and the blinds open. ¬†You may want to consider using a higher watt bulb in your light fixtures during open houses and showings to help add extra light to the rooms. ¬†Spotlights behind furniture is another way to provide additional lighting without blinding potential buyers.
  • Many of us love to decorate for the holidays and home sellers may want to “celebrate the season” with a very scaled back decorating scheme. ¬†A few key pieces here and there is fine, but you want to be sure the spotlight is on the home, not your decorations. ¬†Pumpkins, gourds, large squash, apples, corn, nuts and pine cones are a perfect accessory for the Fall season and can be used indoors or out.
  • We have posted before about how smells in your home can encourage (or discourage) buyers. ¬†You can definitely take advantage of the Fall season by using scents that evoke the season: ¬†pumpkin, mulberry, cinnamon, pine, mint, apple. ¬†Consider using potpourri or simmering cloves or cinnamon in apple cider on the stove just before the showing is scheduled. ¬†Be sure to turn it off and store in the fridge¬†before potential buyers¬†arrive and clean up any spills.
  • Baby, it’s cold outside…or at least cooler. ¬†Make sure your home is cozy and inviting by having the temperatures set to off-set any chill. ¬†An afghan or blanket draped on the couch can act as an accent and bring warmth and color into the room.
  • fall-cleaning-1Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. ¬†Wipe down countertops and cabinet faces. Use a streak-free cleaner (or vinegar) with a microfiber cloth to polish stainless steel and mirrors. Remove mold and mildew from tub/shower tile and grout.
  • Re-paint the walls to a light, neutral color. ¬†This will brighten the rooms and make the home “move-in ready”. ¬†Don’t forget to touch up trim and baseboards.
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned to remove stains and odors and to reduce allergens.
  • Consider giving your animals a play-date at a friend’s home for the day. ¬†This reduces stress on the animals and you and helps keep pet odors at bay.

Your Realtor will take charge of the marketing efforts to get your home sold, but you can help the process by providing great photos of your home in Spring and Fall to provide potential buyers an idea of how beautiful your yard is during those times.  Be sure to post your listing on SargesList for maximum exposure.  Happy Selling!!

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