Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Deployed Dads

Photo by Jennifer Buchanan, sunshinesoulphotography.com

Photo by Jennifer Buchanan, sunshinesoulphotography.com

Fathers Day is rapidly approaching! While some of us are happily counting down to Sunday, June 16, many deployed military Dads and their families won’t have the luxury of a typical Fathers Day celebration.

But that’s absolutely no reason to skip the holiday all together! There’s nothing more special to a deployed Dad than a care package, and although time is tight, you can still put together a special gift to show him how much he’s loved. We know the times for getting packages overseas can vary greatly, but from experience, we can assure you it’s the thought that counts! He’ll be happy to be celebrated even if his package is a little early or a little late.

Here are Sarge’s team’s top picks for supporting a Deployed (or stateside!) Dad:

  • A taste of home: Think about the things he can’t get while he’s gone and improvise. Individual servings of a¬† favorite coffee and a box of creamer can make even the most remote location feel more like home. And, let’s not forget the obvious, a homemade batch of cookies (or whatever you can efficiently vacuum pack) will be special to Dad and baking as a family is a great way to help your children feel close to their father.
  • Junk Food: It really can lift the spirits! Don’t underestimate beef jerky and spray cheese. Sometimes after a long, tough day it just hits the spot.
  • Anything personalized and homemade by the kids: Think a mug with baby footprints or pictures, decorated T-shirt or hat. These things, although not always useful in an everyday setting, become treasures. One mom told us the best gift she sent her deployed husband was a pillowcase she allowed her children to decorate with fabric markers. After washing it, she let each child take a turn sleeping with it before sending it off to Dad. He loved it!
  • Send a hug. We love this idea! Trace the width of your child’s arms (or arms and upper body if you have space), outlined in the shape of a hug on a long strip of paper. Then, sign it, fold it up and send a hug to Dad, no matter where in the world he may be.
  • Not so crafty? Have someone else make it for you!
  • Pictures and DVDs: One of our team members made a goal to make a DVD each month to track her infant son’s development. Dad reciprocated by participating in the United Through Reading program. This deployed Dad said he “lived” for the videos and found himself counting down the days until new footage arrived. User-friendly video cameras and editing software are becoming more and more affordable!
  • Have you heard of Operation Love Reunited? If not, it’s time you knew! If you have some time between care packages, you may qualify for free family pictures while your husband is gone. One of Sarge’s teammates had a registered photographer take beautiful shots of her and her baby while her husband was gone and the pictures have remained extremely special to the family.
  • Going for something a little more pre-assembled? Check out Man Crates. You can order a box based on Dad’s personality.
  • Looking to pamper Dad? Or perhaps have something really special waiting for him when he gets home? Browse these gifts designed for the “gentleman” or more unique, out-of-the-box ideas.
  • Music and Movies: How about an MP3 player already loaded with a personalized music selection? Or, if he already has one, music or movies to load onto his devices. If you have a gamer on your hands, new games can be a great way to help them pass the time.
  • Love letters! No matter what, don’t forget those handwritten letters from you and the kids! If it’s from the heart, it’s sure to be a hit.

No matter where Dad is this Fathers Day, we hope it’s the best it possibly can be for your family and the Dad you love. Happy Fathers Day Military Dads! Woof!

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