Father’s Day ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner (Sunday, June 21) and it seems like you have looked high and low and just can’t find¬†that perfect gift. Let us inspire you with some unique gift ideas!

  • Old-time portraits: ¬†these are fun and easy to do with kids. Grab a shirt, jacket, tie and hat and have the kids dress up in them, take a close up photo (waist up to leave room to crop the picture if needed and plenty of room between the top border and the top of the child’s head). Using your favorite photo app or program, change to a sepia-toned photo and print out. This can be made into a card or used as a photo in a frame.
  • Inspired by sacrifice and designed to fuel change, Bullets 2Bandages is a socially conscious, apparel, and accessory company which was founded by two former Navy bomb technicians. B2B is dedicated to raising both awareness and money for non-profit organizations that serve the veteran community. Through the sales of our apparel and accessories Bullets2Bandages helps veteran charities advance their mission through monetary and non-monetary donations.
  • Personalized/custom cornhole boards: ¬†my husband has started making these for local friends and I am amazed at how popular they are. You can find local craftsmen in your area to build the boards and either have them finished by the builder or do your own designs with your kids and seal. ¬†Look for someone local as these are big and bulky and shipping is going to cost a TON! ¬†You need at least a week to do the finishing (multiple layers of clear-coat), so be sure to give yourself enough time when ordering. ¬†Check eBay or Etsy for decals and the beanbags.
  • So we all know Moms love their kids clothes, but Dads do too. Find that onesie he loved seeing on your son or daughter and turn it into a pillow.
  • Need a family type gift? ¬†How about a quilt made from t-shirts (his, yours and theirs).
  • Upcycle Dad’s old ties into an area rug, beer coozy, pet collar. Check Pinterest for great ideas and easy tutorials.
  • Groupon! ¬†Groupon offers really amazing deals on guy type things like oil changes, tool sets, etc. ¬†They have great getaways and I have seen them offer golfing, race car driving, zipline passes, etc in their Local > Things to do section that may appeal to Dad.
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