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by Jessica Howington

Jessica Howington is a prior stay at home mom with a background in education and healthcare. As a researcher and Team Lead for the writing team for the award-winning site FlexJobs , she strives to support those in search of flexible employment opportunities through finding and verifying legitimate flexible positions. She provides job search information, tips, and insight into the employment world related all job seekers through theFlexJobs Blog. 

Flexible jobs come in all shapes and sizes and what works for one person may not work for another. Fortunately, there are several flexible jobs and working arrangements offered by employers both big and small that can support military spouses while they continue to support those that serve.

If you have considered finding flexible work, by finding your ideal flex, you can target your job search more successfully. Knowing what you want will help you to use targeted keywords as well as focus on job categories and companies that are known to offer flexible work options. The below seven flexible work forms are great places to start in order to take stock of your personal flex needs.

Part-Time Schedule: Finding flexibility and a professional title in a part-time schedule is easier than you may expect.  There is much stigma attached to part-time schedules, when in fact they are a great option when you are looking to work, but not full-time. You may be surprised that many part-time jobs or job sharing arrangements also offer benefits and can run the gamut of professional levels including upper and executive level management positions.

Alternative Schedule: This form of schedule generally works during non-traditional work hours. Jobs with alternative schedules may have hours scheduled in the evening, during a third shift, only on weekends, or on an occasional basis. Utilizing an alternative schedule is a great way to work your work in around your life.

Temporary: Coming in both full-time and part-time options, temporary jobs provide you with the ability to work during times that are convenient for you. Temporary jobs can allow you to work during the school year, but be off on summers. It can also be a great option during deployments to keep yourself busy or between deployments if you count on your spouse for childcare.

Freelance or Consulting Work: Freelancing or doing consulting work is another fabulous flex option for military spouses. While you are basically running your own business as an independent contractor, you have the ability to work on as many or as few projects as you want while also sourcing your own clients. Additionally, there are freelance and consulting roles that can turn into full-time employment if that is what you are truly in the market for.

Flexible Schedule: If working full-time or part-time is of less important than the way you actually work the hours, a flexible schedule may be your flex of choice. Flexible schedules usually allow the employee to make their own schedule or work their desired hours when they can or want. Some employers are more flexible than others so the options can vary, but the flexibility to work when you can is available.

Entrepreneurship: Maybe you are wicked in the kitchen or have a spectacular eye for design. Then again you may have skills with a camera most of us wish we had. Although your dream job may be a hobby at the moment, it could be a viable money making option that provides you with the exact flex you need. Many military spouses find their ideal schedule and career while earning an income by turning their passion into a job.

Remote: For many people, including military spouses, remote and work-at-home jobs provide the balance needed to manage everyday life. Being able to work from home allows for more flexibility in where you work and how you work as well as how you manage and coordinate your everyday life.

Finding your ideal flex may not neatly fit into one of the above categories. For most people, the flexibility they need to balance their lives is found in a combination of flexible work options. As the work flexibility movement continues to evolve, more companies are realizing the benefits and are offering flexible work arrangements that include more than one type of flex. For some people, it may be a part-time and flexible schedule, but for others it may be a freelance and remote job. Regardless of your flexibility needs, there are jobs out there to be obtained to help in achieving work-life flexibility and the balance of being successful at work AND successful on the homefront.

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