Free SitterCity Memberships for Military Families

Find a caretaker for every member of your family.

Find a caretaker for every member of your family.

The seasoned military family is all too familiar with the feeling of anxiety that settles in upon PCSing. Moving to a new duty station means branching out to rebuild almost every aspect your life elsewhere; often times at great personal and emotional cost.

You can count on the movers to pack up and haul away your physical possessions, but military families know all too well what will inevitably be left behind — friends, favorite places, schools and a network of support that has become a safeguard over the last two or three years when trusted friends family may be thousands of miles away.

SargesList and Military Duty Stations fill in some of these gaps by easing the stress of moving and providing a portal for reliable base information, but it’s wise to rebuild that network of support as soon as you possibly can as you settle into your new home. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a bind with no reliable help on call.

Enter the DOD-sponsored SitterCity for Military program. The government funds free memberships for military families to the SitterCity website. SitterCity is a reliable place to find babysitters and nannies, Certified CDH/FCC care providers, authorized access caregivers, senior care, pet care, housekeepers and even tutors.

Those who have already paid for SitterCity memberships can simply contact the company to get their membership converted into a free version.

The service is also extended to military families who make a living caring for others – their membership is free too. This makes it easier for families to work with other military families and within a circle of trust.

Those looking for work have access to military families seeking care as well as non-military. Job openings are emailed out daily. Also, most importantly, everything is safe and secure. Personal information is kept confidential until you are ready to share it with a potential family

PCSing is hard enough, and the DOD’s SitterCity program makes hired care one less thing to worry about.

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Need information about your new home? Visit Military Duty Stations.

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